How can you say your contractor is efficient when we see them stood around doing nothing?

There can be a number of reasons for crews standing:

  • Weather conditions. Not just the wet but also temperatures and visibility can delay works form starting or proceeding as planned.
  • Delays with materials being delivered to site. Tarmac in particular is an issue with high demand on the quarries which are few and far between particularly in the North on the County.
  • Breaks. Our crews will take their breaks when it suits the work they are doing and not at specified times. They don’t generally return to a depot as this wastes time. They usually take their breaks on site or park off the highway in a layby so as not to disrupt the flow of traffic unnecessarily.
  • Waiting whilst Temporary Traffic Management is being established.
  • Waiting for traffic flows to go down in order to set-up traffic management.
  • We often use a “gateman” at a road closure who might appear to be standing around. They are there to direct traffic and allow local residents to gain access to their properties.

Wherever possible and safe to do so, our crews have been instructed to make use of their time if they incur delays by carrying out other minor highway maintenance work such as cleaning signs, removing debris off tops of gully gratings or general cleaning of other road drainage features.

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