Third sector agencies working in Torrington

  • Citizens Advice
  • Disability swimming at Torrington Swimming Pool
  • Great Torrington Open Award DOFE group
  • Streetz Dance Group
  • Plough Youth Theatre
  • Athletics Club
  • Swimming Club
  • New Gym
  • Boxing Club
  • Village Youth Clubs – Shebbear, High Bickington, St. Giles in the Wood

Public sector agencies working in Torrington

  • Torrington Hospital Family Planning
  • Sensory Bus at Torrington
  • DYS Mobile Unit & Detached Sessions
  • School voluntary inclusion DYS – personal development plus arts and crafts
  • DYS Music project, weekly term time
  • Daisy Project
  • Grafitti Project (DYS) detached
  • D of E

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

3 comments on “Torrington

  1. Jane Atkinson |

    All the services listed are available, as to whether some of them are appropriate or accessible to young people is questionable. The voluntary youth sector is being hit by the economic situation and many who would have been voltunteers are now working all the overtime, two (and sometimes more) jobs and are unavailable. (We have recently lost St. John’s Amulance because of this) Our Youth Centre was closed some years ago and the promised new one has never materialised despite the money being earmarked we’re told. We have an excellent detached youth work team but on limited sessions. Not all young people can afford to join fee paying clubs, not all want to. Not all young people are at school or college. Where do young people of our community go for help, advice and advocacy? What we have is not enough but we don’t want to lose it and whilst appreciating the financial constraints of the present circumstances I do feel that Torrington has been poorly served over recent years and can lose no more.

  2. Paula Fuller |

    Thank you for updating the information on Torrington following staff review, i can think of a few more that have been missed off the 3rd sector sports club being football, netball and the rugby club.
    I can also think of many that are no longer running due to funding and voluntary support, Torrington this year lost an established uniform branch being St John’s Ambulance because of lack of voluntary support from their organisation, DYS had worked with this group on the setting up and much partnership work was enjoyed by the young people in gaining accreditation and off site activities.
    Having worked in the voluntary sector in setting up a sports club, i have been DCC youth worker for 13 years in the town generic based in the first instance and then detached, street based and mobile also being the Torrington youth network co-ordinator and a local resident .
    My concerns are on the new vision surrounding the expectations of how might an under resourced community and over stretched voluntary sector be able to accommodate all the needs of all the young people both in Torrington and surrounding villages. If you look at the list above majority of these groups are sports and art based who do i might add a wonderful job of developing and nurturing our young athletes and stars of the future and the village youth clubs who are mainly run by willing parents who know the need for somewhere for their children to be able to socialise with their friends, the DYS network has always supported ,guided and offered training to these organisations Who will they turn to if the service is no longer available? I know many of these groups rely on the clubs weekly/monthly subscription fees and never ending fundraising to survive, As a parent i am also aware that if your child shows an interest in attending a group, that it may involve transport costs if you live rural, buying a kit or uniform, along with the weekly/ monthly costs.
    I understand how much the Government has put restraints and forced budget cuts on our local council but as a trained professional youth worker In my opinion Torrington needs further investment not reduction in services. I chose to take this career path it’s not about saving my part time job, far from it my concerns are very much for the young people of Torrington i now know and those i would like the opportunity to get to know. As part of the remodelling of our service is for us to focus on more targeted youth work with the young people most at need within our community. As you are aware Torrington has NO YOUTH CENTER, our already limited service in Torrington has worked hard over the years to build on it’s strengths and continue to give equal opportunity and open access to a free service to as many young people within our area as is possible within our contracted hours, by working with projects in the school, after school, D of E, TEN TORS, Detached, mobile outreach to villages, street based, in partnership with Police, Bluecoat centre (when it run young parents group) the list goes on .This year we have worked with 134 young people within our area, because the Youth work process is rarely understood and very misunderstood unless you have been through it as a young person or deliver the “needs meet young person centered programme” we are already doing what the vision expects of us working with the most needy vulnerable young people within our community, however we don’t label them or point them out as targets because at present we can give every young person we meet equal opportunities to engage with us . If the vision is for us to work more with just these young people has any one thought how these young people might feel within a small community the troubled / naughty youth who youth workers work with and not forgetting youth work is a voluntary process young people choose to engage with us because they want too!

    It begs the following questions;
    How will young people who aren’t targets but choose not to go to a sports club or uniform group access information , advice and who is going to guide them about the things that are important to them?
    Who is going to listen to their ideas and advocate on their behalf?
    Who is going to give them the opportunity to experience and try new things?
    Who is going to offer them a confidential service when they really need to talk?

  3. Andrew Branston |

    Devon youth service work in Torrington operating open access street based youth work, Mobile youth work, school music, arts and crafts and personal development projects. this is all missing from your list. there is no sensory bus in Torrington. Devon youth service also run the C-Card sexual health service in Torrington. Please update accordingly.