What do we know about young people in Okehampton?

  • Approximately 2,200 0-24 year olds live in Okehampton

Third sector agencies working in Okehampton

  • Support Group for Parents of children with ASD
  • and ADHD
  • Citizens Advice (Hatherleigh)
  • Citizens Advice Okehampton
  • Okehampton and District Community Transport Group
  • Hittisleigh Riding for the Disabled Association Group
  • Okehampton Foodbank
  • Mini Me Young Parents Group (Okehampton Children’s Centre)
  • Mini Mini Me Young Parents Group (Rm 13)
  • Devon Heartlands Community Partnership Trust
  • District Councils Youth Homelessness Housing Benefit 16+ – All district councils
  • Nightstop – countwide
  • Sticklepath Youth Club
  • Belstone Youth Club
  • Connect Mid Devon
  • School based youth work team in Oke College & working in rural communities
  • Okehampton Open Award DOFE Group
  • Wren Music – Okehampton
  • Ocra – sports based activities for young people in and around Okehampton
  • Young Carers – from room 13 Youth Centre
  • Hatherleigh Youth Club
  • Bidestow Youth Club – run by connect church
  • North Tawton Youth Centre run in partnership with DYS & N. Tawton Youth & Commuity Council
  • Refresh – church based youth club

Public sector agencies working in Okehampton

  • Okehampton Contraception Service Clinic
  • Sensory Bus at Okehampton for adults with learning disabilities
  • YSmart
  • Room 13 Youth Café
  • West Devon YISP
  • Careers South West
  • YOT @ room 13 – Youth Centre
  • YISP @ room 13 – Youth Centre
  • Transitions & Permanency Worker, Social Care

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

5 comments on “Okehampton

  1. Ameet Nathwani and Rebecca Garrard |

    Room 13 has been a hub for agencies working with Young People in Okehampton and West Devon for the past 8 years. During this time it has evolved into an essential resource for young people needing support ,vital infomation or signposting to the relevant agencies . Given that it is located in a rural environment it provides individual agency workers an opportunity to be part of a multi agency team equipped to work in the most affective way possible to meet the needs and challenges young people face today.

  2. fiona bush |

    YISP, YOT & Transitions & Permanency worker are based in DCC DYS Youth Centre – Room 13
    Y-Smart & Careers Southwest use Room 13 as base for seeing young people when they need to.
    Mini-Me group is delivered by the Childrens Centre and Devon Youth Service in partnership working out of the Childrens Centre, Okehampton.
    If young people wish to use Nightstop they need to get themselves to Exeter to be assessed and given a placement it does not operate in Okehampton.
    Not aware of a school based Youth Work team, however Devon Youth Service work closely with Okehampton college and deliver SRE sessions in partnership with the college and Okehampton practitioners group and undertake outreach work within the college at lunch times.

  3. Thor Beverley |

    I am the Area Manager of the North and West Devon Youth Offending Team. My office is in Barnstaple but we share Room 13 with the Youth Service in Okehampton. This not only gives us a local base in Okehampton but means that there is a real spirit of working together between the members of the YOT and YISP (youth crime prevention) and Youth Service staff. This has positive benefits for both our agencies, but much more importantly, I believe, this has positive benefits for the young people of Okehampton and the surrounding area. Over the past few years other agencies have also started using room 13, a Social Worker attends one day per week, staff from Careers South West use the building and the local Police drop in regularly. A very useful local resource for young people.

  4. Matt Williams |

    There is only 1 “youth centre” in Okehampton. There are 2 youth clubs 1 DYS that operates from Rm 13 (DCC youth centre) and 1 faith based operating once a week from the new life church.
    Also the 2 “mini me” groups listed are the same group run in partnership between the 2 services named above.
    OCRA (Okehampton Recreation Community Assosiation) has been missed from the list. They do a vast ammount of sports and leisure based activities for young people in both Okehampton and its surrounding rural areas. visit for more info.
    Connect also opperates in this area. working with the local scool offering a chaplincy service. They also work in a number of the local rural towns supporting local youth clubs such as Hatherleigh and Bridestow.