What do we know about young people in Honiton?

  • Approximately 3,000 0-24 year olds live in Honiton

Third sector agencies working in Honiton

  • Devon Link-up Free Spirits
  • Citizens Advice
  • Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride
  • TRIP Community Transport Association
  • Kings Centre Foodbank
  • Breathing Space at Honiton
  • Honiton Children’s Centre Young Parents
  • East Devon Community Workers –Switch Alex
  • Skate Park dev’t – East Devon Council
  • Kings Centre Foodbank + YC
  • Currently being built – Belvedere CMM building
  • Rugby club
  • Football
  • 7-9 supported by Mencap
  • Hostel for Young Mothers
  • Honiton Independent Open Award DOFE Group

Public sector agencies working in Honiton

  • Careers South West
  • Specialist Community Public Health Nurse
  • St Pauls estate detached street based session
  • Honiton Young People’s Centre
  • Police Community flat with home work club in Heathpark
  • Millwater school – specialist support for young people with learning disabilities
  • Kings

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

7 comments on “Honiton

  1. Anon123 |

    I am compaining to keep youth centre open. I strongly believe Youthy is one of the only places I can come to have a great time and express myself. I feel youth club is a fun, enjoyable and safe environment to be. We learn new skills to help us later on in life and we get to get creative with activities we cannot usually do at home. I am very passionate about the youth centre as it has built up my confidence majorly. All the staff are very respectful, supportive and firm when they need to be. The majority of the youth club feel the same way and would help campain against the closure. I will help to cut down on the electricity and water bills and fundraise towards this event. In my opinion, youth club is a place for us young people to come and socialise with one another in a warm and happy place. Not only this, but if the centre was to close their may be problems and disruption within the town. This wonderful place feels like a second home and I can trust the staff like parents. I would feel very emotional if the centre was to close but i know if we try and put our hearts and strong effort towards it we have a chance in saving the extraordinary place. We can ask all questions that we would normally feel embarressed about and know they will not judge us. Everything the staff do, is for our sake and our benefit, Because they care for us like no-one else. We are all like a family and I love being able to go there. They always want our opinion and our gesture before proceeding with anything. Now it’s up to us to commit to this and work towards a brilliant cause. I couldn’t think of any other way to spend my night.


  2. Anon123 |

    I am compaining to keep Honiton youth Center Open. I strongly believe that youthy is the only place to express our feelings and have a good time on a Thursday night! A lot of us young people at youth club feel that is a fun, enjoyable and safe environment to be. All the adults at youth club are really supportive and helpful when we come across big problems and issues. Youthy has built up my confidence alot and without youth club I’d be nothing. Youth sessions are always exciting and there is always a different activity to learn new skills for when we grow older! I find youth club really pleasurable and it’s a time to join together to socialise with our friends. Without youthy young people may be roaming the streets late at night, this may cause disruption and distraction within the street. Many of us are willing to fundraise, protest and cut down on elcetricity and water bills to keep the center open. I strongly believe we can save our center and feel passionate and emotional towards the closure warning. If we put our hearts towards the things and places we love, we have a chance in saving Honiton youth center.


  3. Anon 15, Honiton |

    When I’m here (Honiton Youth Centre) I talk to people, rather than using my phone or laptop.

    (the email address is C/O – done during engagement process)

  4. Anon 15, Honiton |

    I have nowhere else to be creative and no other access to the materials.

    (the email address is C/O – done during engagement process)

  5. Shannon, 14, Honiton |

    The Youth Centre is a place to talk to the youth workers and get advice. If it wasn’t here I wouldn’t have that and wouldn’t have anyone to go to.

    (the email address is C/O – done during engagement process)

  6. Jake Pratt, 16, Honiton |

    Unless you have grown up on the streets of Honiton, you don’t know how much of a sanctuary this place can provide for young kids. You see on the news how kids are doing stupid things, well this is a place they can go to instead of doing that. The youth centre can provide a place where kids can come to, to have a good time with their mates and not get caught up with the darker side of things.

    (the email address is C/O – done during engagement process)

  7. Jenny Lindow |

    Just to say that the updates from our engagement event on Wednesday 4th Septmber have not been uploaded as the information above is inaccurate.