What do we know about young people in Holsworthy?

  • There are approximately 2,000 0-24 year olds in Holsworthy

Third sector agencies working in Holsworthy

  • Holsworthy Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Holsworthy Rural Community Transport
  • Holsworthy Satellite Foodbank

Public sector agencies working in Holsworthy

  • Holsworthy Hospital Family Planning
  • Holsworthy Skills Centre Family Planning
  • Sensory Bus at Holsworthy
  • Young Parents Group at Holsworthy Childrens Centre
  • Holsworthy Youth Centre
  • Yoofy – part of HYC (drop in)
  • Junior Youth Council in partnership with DYS
  • Cook Project D of E Award Scheme
  • STV Fixers – in conjunction with DYS

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

1 comment on “Holsworthy

  1. Grace Millman |

    What does ‘approx. 2000 0-24 year olds’ mean? Is this the town?, the Holsworthy catchment area? include the parishes/villages associated with MCTI? It is meaningless as a comment … and such statistics are not listed for other local towns!
    Seems there is very little youth provision in Holsworthy – most of what is listed is ‘all age’ provision, not specific provision for youth. Would ‘youth’ recognise these as services for them?
    There is no outreach to the surrounding parishes and for many no travel means to access those very limited services in town. Rural youth are very deprived in terms of youth provision.