What do we know about young people in Crediton?

  • Approximately 2,200 0-24 year olds live in Crediton

Third sector agencies working in Crediton

  • Crediton Playscheme Association for children with special needs
  • Citizens Advice
  • Journey Therapeutic Counselling Service
  • Creating Change Arts Therapy
  • Kids Who Care
  • ACF – @crediton fire station
  • Numerous sports clubs, rugby, football, martial arts (Tak Kwando, Puma, TAGB Groups) etc.
  • Church Youth Clubs
  • Triniti congregational, + younger age. Copplestone.
  • Cramp music project
  • Scouts
  • Crediton Youth theatre at Crediton art centre
  • Street team
  • Kids who care
  • Social services
  • Children’s centre (also with teenage parents).
  • Copplestone Youth Club
  • Crediton Rural Arts and Music Project.
  • Brownies, Guides, Scouts groups
  • Kids Who Care runs at Crediton Youth Centre
  • Connect Mid Devon

Public sector agencies working in Crediton

  • Careers South West
  • Crediton Youth Centre
  • Queen Elizabeth Technology Academy (School)

Following face to face feedback from Devon Youth Service Staff and comments on the web site the information on this page has been updated.

3 comments on “Crediton

  1. David Pilling |

    The youth service here in Crediton currently provides a fun, safe and positive environment for the young people of Crediton to meet, socialise and learn. The current service is inclusive to all and meets the individual needs of many diverse community members, it teaches our young people to value and recognise individual difference in a positive and non intrusive way. The current facilities enable our young people to grow and mature in a safe environment where they can develop their personal skills, grow their confidence and self esteem.

  2. Robert Taylor |

    ^^^^^^ What you have said above is inaccurate and there is 2 things 2 do in crediton witch is crediton skate park or the town park where every on hang out. you have also put things on there that don’t happen!!!!!

  3. ben goodman |

    to my knowledge there is only one “Youth Centre” in Crediton, Crediton Youth Centre. there are a number of other groups for young people in the area, including crediton youth theatre, crediton rural arts and music project, crediton congregational church youth club “the hangout”, however all of these groups operate from shared premises, either church halls, or the arts centre and not from a “youth centre”. as well as these groups there is also an ACF group who operate from the fire station and several sports teams/ groups too, beyond the town proper ( in the market town area) there is also a church youth club fortnightly in copplestone.
    think its also worth noting that these profiles all discuss devons market towns, rather than the larger frame of devons market town areas. the needs assessment also only refers to the larger population areas of devon (towns with over 2000 0-24yr olds) this leaves a large number of children and young people unaccounted for in the data in fact on anaysis i would suggest about 47% percent of the 202,768 0-24yrs old in devon would appear to fall outside this assessment, due to their rurality/ or sub urban locale. For example above it is suggested there are approx 2200 0-24 year olds in crediton which i would agree with, however according to the 2011 census profile data there are 5700 in the market town area. leaving 3500 yp that do not appear to be being considered (over 60%). Rural isolation is a long standing issue in Devon for young people, particularly when considering access to services, and addressing some of this is one of the principles of the dys street-based provision that exists. i strongly believe that in this process of review and development it is of the utmost importance that we dont forget these young people who are as entitled to the equality of access to services as their more urban dwelling peers.