Phase 2 consultation (closed)

Following extensive public engagement, the basis for this consultation is our proposal for a new model for the Youth Service.

The proposal is that Devon County Council’s Youth Service moves from being an open access, universal facility to become a service providing targeted support for those young people most in need. This would mean that DCC would no longer need to manage and run any of the current local youth centres.

Under this model a number of highly-skilled youth service workers would be redeployed to a new role which would involve targeted work with young people most in need of support across a range of early help services such as mentoring, assessment, intervention and relationship-building.

The current universal Youth Service is one part of a wider offer of services for young people. There are also numerous community and voluntary sector organisations which provide excellent services and facilities to young people in their communities.

As part of this consultation we are also inviting proposals for alternative models of support. There are opportunities for local community groups, charities and private sector providers to develop activities and support for young people in their area. We will work with organisations who express an interest to look at options for co-designing services.