Youth services consultation

Young people consultation findings

During March and April we have consulted with over 500  young people to establish their view s on the proposed changes to the youth service in Devon. There were eight young people events that took place in the evening at local youth centres in each of  the county’s districts. At all of these events young people got the chance to have a say on the proposal and ask questions of Councillors and Senior Officers. The events were lively and provided an opportunity for decision makers to hear directly from young people about their concerns and what impact they think the proposed changes could have.

Also, to give as many young people as possible an opportunity to inform the consultation process the following events also took place:

  • Four half day events facilitated by the Regional Youth Network during the Easter break
  • Two Lunch time consultations based at Exeter College

The five main themes that emerged from the consultation process were:

  1. Information, Advice & Guidance – where will young people go for this and who will support them in times of need?
  2. Social Isolation – where will young people be able to go that is safe?
  3. Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour – without a place to go there will be more crime and young people may turn to alcohol or drugs
  4. Professionalism – how do we know that community volunteers will be safe and respect confidentiality?
  5. Community – where will other groups who use our centres meet if they close the youth centres?

These documents give an outline of the issues raised and questions asked at each series of events:


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