Background information

Feedback from staff

Feedback from DCC Youth Service staff

The two adult events identified the following priority issues:

  • The need to share resources across the county and within localities, including between agencies, such as buildings, transport (minibuses) and other physical resources.
  • Partnership working, both within statutory services and with the voluntary sector, was an area for improvement.  Locality networking meetings were felt to be a particularly useful way of enabling staff to understand and recognise potential services for clients in local areas.
  • There needs to be consultation with young people about any proposals, with effective feedback, taking care to avoid tokenism.
  • Multi-agency training is required toshare best practice across DCC and the third sector, with free provision for the third sector if possible.
  • Shared data-bases and websites between sectors would make best use of resources.
  • Increased sharing of information and joint working with young people was seen as a positive direction of travel.
  • Concern was expressed at the potential privatisation of young people services, i.e. to Babcock and Virgin Health.

Feedback from other Young People’s Services Staff

  • The need for better communication and partnership working, some workers from different agencies in the same location were not aware of each others’ existence or the services that could be provided. The need to understand better the locality provision was made clear.
  • This was expanded to include better networking throughout the County such as sharing websites and databases.
  • The specialist services should not be reduced and other services such as speech, language and communication provision should be increased.
  • Equal access of provision was required across the county.
  • Funding cuts which meant curtailing services provision was considered frustrating, especially when the services were seen as essential.