Preparing for Retirement

Retirement may represent a substantial part of your life, often as long as your school days, and in some cases it may be as long as your working life.  Planning for this change in your life can start very early in your career as you consider pension options and other long term investments.  However most  of us think in more detail about retirement in the latter part of our working life and it can be helpful to have some help with this preparation.

What is the Seminar about?

Our seminar “Preparing for Retirement” aims to help you adapt to this major change in lifestyle and to make the most of opportunities that lie ahead. We aim to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you can feel free to voice your concerns and participate as fully as you wish.

The seminar covers a wide range of topics to provide information and contacts for further advice and support. It also provides you with the opportunity to discuss your individual circumstances with representatives of relevant agencies and institutions, Devon County Council support staff and other retirees.

Who Can Attend?

As an employee of Devon County Council, you are welcome to attend if:

  • You are expecting to retire in a few years time; or
  • You are retiring early.

We recognise that retirement affects not just you, as the person retiring, but also your family. Your partner is therefore welcome to accompany you to the Seminar at a charge of £80.

Places may also be available for employees of other organisations.

The Programme

The Seminar is held over 1 day. The following subjects are discussed:

  • Your Local Government Pension
  • Retirement from other Perspectives
  • Social Security Benefits and the State Pension
  • Financial Planning in Action
  • Voluntary Work
  • Money Matters
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Looking Ahead
  • Health and Fitness
Booking a PlacePlease register for this course by using the online booking system. Ensuring you have authorisation from your line manager.
Course Fee

Courses are funded for DCC participants (excluding schools.) There is a charge of £80 for partners of DCC participants.

For external customers a charge of £80 for the employee and £80 for his/her partner is made.

Cancellation FeeFor cancellations between 1-5 days prior to the start date, or non-attendance there will be a charge of £80