Induction checklists

In order to organise a well-planned induction, there are a number of areas to consider, to assist you with this, an induction checklist that is specific to Children’s Social Work has been created. It contains all of the actions and appropriate links so that you can work through it easily.

The checklists have been produced in both manager and employee versions. You will need to print off a manager copy of the Induction checklist and begin working through it.

In order to support the new starter so that they are aware of what should happen and when there is an employee version of the checklist. This begins from day one. The correct employee version should be printed off and placed in the Welcome Pack.

Don’t forget your Business Support team are happy to help where they can. Early involvement of your business support manager could help to make this a positive experience for all involved.


Social worker



Transition social worker

Senior practitioner (coming soon)

Agency induction

In order to assist you with the Induction of an agency worker a specific checklist has been created.

There is also the outline to an email you can send them as a welcome. It contains the links to e-learning and other relevant information. By sending this email you can quickly issue important new starter information and it saves you needing to produce a welcome pack and employee checklist.

All you need to do it copy and paste the text into a welcome email.