High Expectations

TitleHigh Expectations

A management development programme designed to meet needs at an individual, team and organisation level. A specific programme evolved from a well-proven formula to meet DCC needs.

High Expectations is aimed at experienced managers. The aim is to motivate, update and evaluate, providing the opportunity to review their leadership style, its success and limitations and explore new approaches.

Course aimsManagers are continuously being asked to achieve higher quality results often with fewer resources. It has been recognised that the role as Middle Managers is critical in achieving this crucial development. In order to meet this ongoing challenge, we will need to continue to develop our personal and managerial effectiveness and our understanding of the changing role of DCC.
Course objectivesAt the end of the programme the aim is to have managers who are:

  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Inquisitive and critical about themselves, their operating style and their effectiveness.
  • Able to develop and implement well-thought initiatives and respond to customers’ needs in a professional, business-like manner.
Target groupThe programme will benefit experienced managers who:

  • have already shown some leadership tendencies and would gain by having more development in this area
  • are facing particular challenges in regard to their service or team in the near future
  • need to apply concepts of management theories and models acquired on previous courses
  • have had their service redefined or refocused recently
  • want to develop their skill for building and developing valuable relationships
  • want to develop cross-functional relationships.
Methods / approachBy the end of the programme, participants will have had the opportunity to:-

  • identify their strengths and development needs against some core management themes
  • prioritise their development needs
  • collaborate in a range of activities to meet those needs and to enhance their effectiveness and that of the operation of their department/area
  • taken full responsibility for their own and each other’s development
  • be assessed and accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) next to national occupational standards at Level 5. There is a cost of £250 for the qualification.
Duration6.5 days over 5 months including 3 day residential
Group size18 or 12
Booking a placePlease register for this course by using the online booking system. Ensuring you have authorisation from your line manager
Course feeCourses are funded for DCC participants(excluding schools). For external customers a charge of £80.00 per person is made, plus the £250 for customers wishing to undertake the qualification.
Cancellation fee

For Non-attendance on the day there will be a charge of £80.

For cancellations between 1-5 days prior to the start date there will be a charge of £60.