Investigating Officer

TitleInvestigating Officer
IntroductionThis 1 day workshop is for those officers required to undertake investigations within the DCC Disciplinary Policy & Procedures, to enable them to do so effectively with appropriate skill and knowledge
Course aimsWhilst based upon the DCC Disciplinary Policy & Procedures & underpinning legal principles, this workshop aims to build core knowledge & understanding of those processes and provide an opportunity to practice investigation skills, including interviewing, to enable officers to undertake this role with skill and confidence.
Course objectivesBy the end of the workshop delegates will:

  • have a working knowledge of DCC Disciplinary Policy & Procedures
  • Understand & practice the investigation role & skills required
  • Be informed of the underpinning legal framework
  • Have an awareness of and be able to apply the principles of natural justice, fairness, consistency and resonableness
Target groupThis workshop is intended for those officers who are required to undertake investigations within the DCC Disciplinary Policy & Procedures
Methods / approachAll delegates will attend a one day workshop.
Duration1 day
Group size10 delegates
Booking a placePlease register for this course by using the online booking system.
Course feeCourses are funded for DCC participants.(excluding schools).
Cancellation feeFor Non-attendance on the day there will be a charge of £80

For cancellations between 1-5 days prior to the start date there will be a charge of £60.

However, an alternative delegate could attend if appropriate for the course – please contact the Performance Development Admin team for clarification.