Difficult Conversations


TitleDifficult Conversations

This course explores and helps build the skills required to hold difficult conversations with other people.

These difficult conversations may be as result of people returning to work from sickness, having reached trigger points in absence, or another aspect of poor performance or inappropriate/unacceptable behaviour

It may also be useful when there is conflict between people within teams

Course aimsTo enable managers to tackle difficult situations with others, have effective conversations and create positive outcomes.
Course objectivesBy the end of the learning process delegates:

  • can describe their own behaviour in terms of the value they place themselves in relation to others
  • can describe behaviour, both theirs and others, in terms of the functional fluency model
  • will have practised skills in having constructive conversations
Target groupAll managers/supervisors/team leaders who want to improve the conversations they have with others
Methods / approachAll delegates will attend a half -day workshop.
DurationHalf day
Group size14 delegates
Booking a placePlease register for this course by using the online booking system.
Course feeCourses are funded for DCC participants.(excluding schools).
Cancellation fee

For Non-attendance on the day there will be a charge of £80.

For cancellations between 1-5 days prior to the start date there will be a charge of £60.

However, an alternative delegate could attend if appropriate for the course – please contact the Performance Development Admin team for clarification.