Professional Development Faculty


We know that the learning and development process for social workers is an ongoing one as the context that informs and guides our practice changes and develops. We need our experienced social workers to remain up to date and be able to apply their knowledge and skills to changing and evolving situations and  we will provide opportunities for this.

We also expect our experienced social workers to engage in complex work, to be motivated and enthusiastic and be prepared to work alongside others to help in their development.

In the context of the Professional Capability Framework and the Knowledge and Skills Statements for Children and Families Social Work we provide a range of opportunities for social workers to develop their practice and careers.

Career grade and role profiles

We recognise that not all social workers will see career progression in terms of management. We provide opportunities, as underpinned by the ethos in the professional capabilities framework for progression in social work practice in the following areas:

  • Social work buddy: as an experienced social worker you can be an identified worker to provide a point of support for a NQSW on the ASYE programme. This will be an opportunity to provide advice and consultation
  • Senior practitioners: will take on more complex work and take a role in providing advice and consultation to other team members

 Learning programmes

In addition to the core curriculum other learning programmes are provided:

This programme is linked to the ASYE programme but is also available as part of this faculty for those who have not accessed it in this way. It provides an opportunity for social workers to critically reflect and analyse their professional practice and consider how this has developed and progressed.

Following completion of the GCPP social workers can be considered for this 4 modular programme over a year that focuses on child development, ecological factors, law and professional practice

This 2 modular programme meets the level 1 and 2 practice educator standards and provides social workers with the required qualification to be practice educators. This award is linked to the requirements for the assistant team manager role

Service Development Project Work

The involvement of frontline practitioners is often required in a number of service development projects. Involvement in such projects can help you gain experience in key areas of the PCF i.e. Contexts and Organisations and help inform your career aspirations. To register your interest in being considered for future project work please email

For those who see their progression into management we provide this programme to prepare social workers for this role before they move in to a management position.

For other training courses please refer to Core Curriculum