Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice (GCPP)

This award is currently linked to the ASYE programme but we are also able to offer it as part of the professional development faculty for those who have not accessed it through their ASYE year. It provides an opportunity for social workers to critically reflect and analyse their professional practice and consider how this has developed and progressed.

This award has now replaced the Consolidation and Preparation for Specialist Practice (CPSP) from September 2012. The GCPP is an introductory module for AMHP, Childcare and Adults Specialisations.

Application process

Registration for the programme occurs in Autumn and Spring each year. All social workers in all directorates will be communicated with by email at the registration points regarding the next GCPP programme.

You will need your manager’s approval in order to apply. Nomination forms must be completed and counter signed by line management.

Currently we do not have available places, but might be in a position to offer the award from January 2016. If you are interested, please contact our team at