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PCF Update


(PCF) is currently being reviewed by The College of Social Work (TCSW). Please information on BASW.


Top Ten RiP Downloads of 2017

What were the most commonly downloaded resources by DCC staff during 2017?  See the Top 10.


Knowledge and Skills Update

The Department for Education (DfE) has updated its Knowledge and Skills Statement (KSS) following a consultation.

Rip Update KSS






Email Charter

Email Charter – what do you really need to send?
Every one of us, in every area of children’s social work, works really hard and has the difficult task of trying to juggle the demands of our busy lives. I am hearing with increasing regularity about the number of emails received impacting on staff wellbeing and capacity, and have developed an Email Charter, to try and encourage everyone to change their own behaviours.
• Our Email Charter
The Charter encourages all staff to consider the way in which we use email; the need to think really carefully about what emails we need to send, and to whom; and the importance of not using email as a way of abdicating responsibility.
If we all feel confident that the emails we receive are only those that we really need to receive, read and respond to, we will all be more productive and less stressed.
Please take the time to read and discuss how you can adopt the principles in this Charter, individually and within your teams, and offer kind and constructive challenges to others when needed.
Laminated copies of the Charter will be available for each office. If you don’t receive one, please email me.
Valerie Cannon
Principal Children and Families Social Worker

BME Group

BME GROUP within the Social work Academy is in its early stages of development.

The Aims and Objectives of the group.

• To create a safe and supportive environment by means of having a confidential group supervision time to share their experiences.
• Advocacy for any BME issues in particular with DCC.
• A reflective group to look at issues BME SU’s/SW’s might face.
• To invite speakers/parties of interest to the group which are approached by all members to attend.
• To meet every three months with venue decided by the group.

Further information please contact Penn on