Attachment and Relationship Based Practice

Attachment and Relationship Based Practice project represents a new mindset and toolkit for child protection professionals to support them in moving from assessment to helping and supporting families.


This four day programme, delivered in two blocks of two days will enable participants to use a number of attachment measures to support their work with children and families. Each day will concentrate on specific measures (see below). A gap between sessions gives participants an opportunity to practice using the methods covered in preceding sessions.


Day 1
• Assessing Disorganised Attachment using principles and insights from the Strange Situation and the use of Guided Parenting Tasks
Day 2
• Producing Confident Assessments in court and at child protection conferences
• Introducing Story Stem Completion Assessing Unresolved Loss/Trauma
Day 3
• Assessing Low Mentalisation
• Using principles and insights from the Adult Attachment Interview and Child/Adolescent Attachment Interview
• The central importance of Relationship Skills


By the end of the 3-day course participants will:

  • Be able to use the following measures, which have been adapted for use pragmatically by busy child protection professionals:
    • Modified Strange Situation Procedure, Story Stem Procedure, Child Attachment Interview and Adult Attachment interview
    • The use of Guided Parenting Tasks to assess parent-child interaction
    • The Disconnected and Extremely Insensitive Parenting Measure
    • Indications of Measures of Low Mentalisation
  • Be more confident when presenting assessments in court and at CP conferences


Overview of 2016/17 dates:

Full 3 day training

Days 1&2Day 3Venue
Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th JuneMonday 18th JulyWestbank HLC, Exminster
Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th JuneTuesday 12th JulyFollaton House, Totnes
Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th OctoberMonday 14th NovemberCullompton Community Centre
Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th OctoberTuesday 8th NovemberOld Heathcoats School CC, Tiverton
Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th FebruaryMonday 6th & MarchCullompton Community Centre
Tuesday 31st Jan & Wednesday 1st FebTuesday 28th FebCoaver Conference Centre


1 Day Awareness

One day programme which will provide participants with an overview of the Attachment and Relationship Based Practice model and the project underway within Children’s social care and child protection to embed this as the model which underpins the way we work with parents and carers. For any staff in children’s social care whose role does not require them to have full knowledge of the Attachment and Relationship Based Practice tools and techniques as covered in the 3 day programme i.e. staff in the MASH, Youth Offending Team, YSMART, Participation Team, some staff in Fostering teams.

Fri, 15th July at Cullompton Community Centre

Weds, 16th November at Kenn Centre, Kennford


To book a place, please follow the link below:


Additional Resources

There are videos & other resources available on our Academy SharePoint site (please noe these are accessible to DCC employees only)

The site has been set up to support practice development and collaboration for Attachment and Relationship Based Practice and it contains the following:

  • Film refreshers from David Shemmings
  • A list of web based resources – YouTube clips, online guidance
  • Local practice examples
  • A discussion board where you can post questions and queries

To access the site follow the link below: