Core Curriculum

A core curriculum of learning and development activity has been developed within the Academy: the range of learning provided will reflect our priorities regarding what our staff will need to know and how they apply it to their practice at the stage they have reached in their professional development.

Some learning will be provided to all our staff: in particular the Attachment And Relationship Based Practice programme with Professor David Shemmings and his teaching team: Yvonne Shemmings and Alice Cook.

Here you can access Statement of Expectations which outlines commitment to learning and development across the organisation.

To access Guidance to Online Booking website (Zipporah), click on the image below:

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Academy Curriculum

Succession Faculty Curriculum

Student Faculty Curriculum

  • Student Induction Day – Welcome to Devon
  • Shadow the professional task: role and responsibility of social workers and other professionals
  • Academy curriculum*

* Please note that DCC permanent staff will be prioritised for courses that are part of the Academy curriculum listed above. Students on a placement with Devon will only be able to access the training if places become available (i.e. online bookings might be rejected, with the candidate being placed on the waiting list and notified if there is a place available).

ASYE Faculty Curriculum

 Professional Development Curriculum

Advanced Faculty Core curriculum