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The waste consultation is now closed.

Read the results of the consultation.

Below you will find general comments left on this page during the consultation.

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  1. Drewsteignton Parish Council |

    Cllrs discussed the proposals, and agreed that the charges proposed are not onerous, but the saving is minimal relaitve to the whole picture. And serious concerns were raised about additional fly-tipping and the associated cost to West Devon and other Borough Councils.

  2. Tawstock Parish Council |

    At the October meeting of Tawstock Parish Council, it was resolved to express the council’s concern that the proposal to impose charging for additional residential waste items deposited at recycling centres will result in an increase in fly tipping.

  3. Luppitt Parish Council |

    Luppitt Parish Council strongly objects to further charges being made at Devon’s Recycling Centres for the disposal of non-household waste. The Parish Council feels that this can only lead to more instances of fly tipping. There have been 5 or 6 incidents of fly tipping already this year and increased charges can only lead to more of the same. We live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Devon County Council should not introduce measures that will threaten the area.

  4. Fremington Parish Council |

    The Parish Council would strongly resist any cuts to this service, and increases in charges at recycling centers. Any increase in charges at recycling centers will lead to an increase in fly-tipping, and we are already experiencing this problem in many areas, the clearing of this fly-tipping is in turn placing more pressure on the finances of other authorities and district councils.

  5. Cullompton Town Council |

    1. The proposal to start charging for more non household waste items at Devon’s Recycling Centres is shortsighted. It will lead to an increase in fly tipping and will serve to reduce recycling levels even further. Collection of fly tipping is the responsibility of district councils, passing the cost to another local authority may help Devon County Council’s financial situation but will not save any money in the long term.

    2. If voluntary groups are to be encouraged to sell recyclables direct then they will need some training. Will Devon County Council provide any training or assistance to help voluntary groups deal with this?

  6. MMBerry |

    I have one comment to make about these unfortunate cuts and that is on the proposal to charge for household DIY waste. We already suffer from considerable Fly Tipping. This will increase with the abolition of free disposal. As a consequence, Teignbridge will have even greater costs in its collection– or are you considering curtailing this service!

  7. Roger Carnell |

    I can appreciate the need to reduce overall costs, however I hope the overall cost of collecting waste from the countryside and our streets which will be no longer be conveniently brought by the public etc to a central point for disposal has been factored into this proposal.
    Surely, the need for extra vehicles and staff to cope with this will need to increase thus defeating the object.

  8. Marina Auburn |

    I agree thoroughly with the two saving measures proposed.
    The second measure however needs to monitored carefully. Any charge that is made by the recycling authority can deter (and does) residents from taking the waste to a recycling centre. Instead they fly tip. This in turn results in high costs for various authorities who then need to go and pick the material that has been fly tipped.