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The waste consultation is now closed. The responses have been considered and the proposals revised.

Read the results of the consultation.

Below you will find general comments left on this page during the consultation.

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  1. J J H Dickson |

    I used to take anylwaset to Holsworthy(Anvil Corner) when I was enroute to Exeter in mid week. I am not prepared to make a 15 mile round trip to Anvil Corner just to deposit waste that South Moulton waste services will not handle . Therefore it will all now revert to being sent to Landfill at an adittional cost, presumably to Torridge District Council. It seem to me that there has been little consideration of that between the two Councils.

  2. Andrew McDade |

    I agree with others who suggest that it is ridiculous to suggest that we are going to spend our weekends in queues at recycling centres and that the most likely outcome will be an increase in fly tipping.
    You make great claims about being one the best recycling counties in the country and then you propose actions which will make it harder, not easier to recycle. Perhaps if a proper study is carried out to see how long, on average , residents spent at a recycling centre,and how many visits are made per week to them, someone might be able to calculate the length of queues if all these people had 2 days and not 7 to get rid of their waste.
    Savings made by cutting hours will soon be wiped out by higher costs clearing mattresses from ditches. Or do the council propose to patrol every lane in the county 24 hours a day to prevent this?
    If it’s easy for people to get rid of their rubbish, they’ll do it. If it’s made difficult ,some will take the easiest route open to them, i.e. dumping it where ,and when they can.

  3. Adrian Harding |

    Reducing the weekday summer opening hours at the Pinhoe HWRC will make the service largely inaccesible during the week for anyone who works convetional hours. I do not support the current proposal. If savings must be made, either open later or close earlier, don’t do both!

    I do not support introducing further charges, residents are paying for this service already and charges lead to unintended costs and risks elsewhere (fly-tipping, use of litter bins, putting inappropriate waste into wheelie bins, etc).

    At a time when the Council is struggling to meet statutory obligations, the justification for voluntarily paying third party recycling credits is looking increasingly weak. Most of the activities being funded are either financially viable in their own right or would continue without subsidy. Giving away money ought to be the first thing to stop before cuts in service are considered.

  4. Ermington Parish Council |

    Comments from Ermington Parish Council as follows –

    1. Reduce opening hours at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) – OBJECT
    2. End temporary recycling centre at Lynton – SUPPORT
    3. Charge charities for disposing of more than 10 tonnes of waste per year – OBJECT

    Parish Clerk, 23/12/13

  5. Jo. |

    I think there will be to many closing times when this starts in April and will just confuse everyone so there may be a lot more fly tipping at the site gates and it will make sites much busier at peak times so will there be more staff on sites to help with this oh no we are saving money

  6. Stuart Heslop |

    Well done Devon CC – a tangible proposal to cut the operating costs whilst still maintaining the service. Why wait until April before doing it? Why not start 1/1/14? Don’t be hidebound by fiscal years – get the costs down. Just because ‘it is in the budget’ you don’t have to spend it.
    If I may comment on some other comments? The potential for fly tipping is increased where tips are closed so this could be self defeating as everyone knows that the costs of prosecution are high and the process slow – and the damage has been done. Total closure will cause problems (except Lynton which is effectively closed already).
    The idea of charging £1 entrance fee is also counter-productive. We already pay our Council Tax for waste disposal. Householders should be made to feel good about disposing of waste sensibly rather than penalised. Fees for trade waste disposal should be minimal; and rules about how many visits in a 6 month period (enforced via big-brother number plate scanners) should be abolished to ensure waste is taken to the tip where it can be managed rather than stuck in the bin to end up in landfill.
    I would like to see waste incinerators to get some energy benefits from all the unrecycled stuff.
    Early or late opening? It’s 6-and-2 3s. Sorry – don’t know how you resolve this without upsetting users or staff with funny shifts. Maybe early on Mondays after a weekend’s tidying up; late on late night shopping days (do they still happen?).

  7. John Lawlor |

    I am concerned with your proposal to only open the Holsworthy site at weekends. This is the only site in this part of the county and whenever I have used the site I have not been the only “customer”. I am always pleased with the small amount of fly tipping we see and I’m sure the ready access to the Holsworthy site contributes to this. I am concerned if the site is restricted to weekends we will see a significant increase in either fly tipping or more recyclable waste being put out in the general waste. I believe a major reason why we have such a high level of recycling in the county is because you make it easy to recycle. Reducing access will lead to lower levels of recycling.

    Also the Holsworthy site is located on a dangerous road bend, only opening the site at weekends will inevitably lead to queues with traffic backing up onto the main road with the clear potential for accidents. Alternately people will not wait but resort to fly tipping.

    I would suggest that if you want to reduce the operating costs that you review staffing levels. There is always two attendants on duty – I do not believe the site needs this and would suggest it is only need one at most times. Perhaps you could also experiment with having the site unattended for some periods – I am sure most users would respective the rules and continue to separate their rubbish.

  8. Yvonne Mitchell |

    I use the Holsworthy Recycling Centre on weekdays only, combining shopping and market visits, to make the best use of time and petrol. I would not be happy to queue at weekends when others, who do not have a choice, visit. It has to be accepted that the ‘low’ use of this and the South Molton facilities may be because they are in areas of relatively low population but I have never visited, at any time, and been the only ‘customer’. If implemented this will result in stuff being left outside the gates or an increase in fly-tipping (a District Council problem). This is an excellent site and I feel the County Council should be actively encouraging recycling not making it more difficult.

  9. Janet Chapman |

    Recycling is near the top of the waste hierarchy and should be promoted, yet all your cuts are aimed at reducing recycling facilities.
    This is wrong.
    The major part of the budget is disposal of residual waste. Reducing the total amount of residual waste by recycling should be a priority.
    No more expensive incinerators with their crippling PFI, 25 year contracts set to bankrupt councils, and huge problem of bottom ash
    Efficient means of disposal such as gas plasma should be used.
    Solar panels belong on roofs. Do all council buildings have them?

  10. Rob Brown |

    past experience suggests that any actions which make the disposal of waste more difficult or expensive result in a rise in fly-tipping or a reduction in recycling. It would therefore seem to me that,, bearing in mind the possible fines that can be levied if we fail to reach targets for waste management, recycling and green issues, cost cutting in this area can quickly become a false economy. Recycling should be made easier rather than harder, we should do more rather than less, waste management should be seen as an essential service to protect our environment rather than a luxury that can be cut in times of economic difficulty.

  11. Chris |

    Like John Parker, I regularly use the Exeter (Pinhoe) site. This is just over 7 miles from home, but I too use the site early morning on my way to work. The current proposals would mean that sites would not be accessible Monday to Friday for use by people who want to visit recycling centres on their way to or from work. This would lead to increased usage at weekends as well as increased motoring costs. Whilst not objecting to the proposal to reduce opening hours because of the current financial constraints, could consideration be given to retaining the same opening time 8.00a.m. and closing at 4.00p.m. in the summer and 3.30p.m. in winter? Alternatively the same closing time could be retained, but the thought of garden waste in the car all day during summer would not be pleasant!

  12. ron cole |

    The number of vehicles using the recycling centres is on the increase, I have suggested to DCC once before that a small charge of £1 for every vist to the tip be introduced, what ever the size or type of vehicle. However, if higher charges are made or new restrictions introduced this will only encourage fly tipping, and at present maybe only one in a hundred fly tippers are being prosecuted or come to that, being traced.

  13. K Crowley |

    My concerns echo very much those of your correspondent Mr Jeremy Davies 3 November 2013. I too am very concerned, not only at the potential congestion which will be a certain result of the measures suggested, but, the Holsworthy Recycling Centre is located on a very awkward bend. Any queuing will almost certainly result, at some stage, in a major accident caused by motorists having to overtake the queues on this bend.
    Like Mr Davies, I too am retired and try to make my weekly (and sometimes more frequent) visits to the Recyle Centre on a week day whenever possible. This both allows other users, who are unable to use the facility on a week day to use the it on the weekend without queuing for extended periods, and me to use it without queuing myself.
    However, my other major concern, again as Mr Davies points out, is the inevitable resultant fly tipping. It is a certainty that if the opening times are reduced to two days,as suggested, there will be those who will not have the patience to wait in a queue, and will therefore resort to fly tipping.
    My wife and I moved to Devon a little over two and a half years ago. Apart from wanting to live in what we consider to be one of the most beautiful parts of this country, we also wanted to escape from the incessant fly tipping, which was a direct result of the local council making similar cuts to the Recycling Facilities where we then lived.
    Such drastic cuts must surely be a false ecomony. The clear up costs of the fly tipping, which will most certainly occur if these measures are brought into force, will most likely outweigh the savings.
    We all know that in these economically uncertain times some cutbacks are needed, but such drastic ones as those suggested would be counterproductive. Would it not make far greater sense, if reductions are necessary, to reduce from seven to four days. Maybe Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Or Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, or similar. This would offer some reductions without the guaranteed congestion / accidents

  14. Anna |

    I cannot comment on the proposals for South Molton, Holsworthy or Lynton, but I feel that the other changes suggested seem like a reasonable way forward given the pressures on budgets.

  15. Carl Wills |

    Though I appreciate the reasons why you are proposing this, I do have a couple of observations: Firstly, if fly tipping is to be reduced, the centers should really be open MORE not less. Secondly, if you must reduce the times, at least keep the end of day times the same to at least give those that work a chance of getting to a centre. Thirdly, should the council not be actively promoting the likes of freecycle and freegle and finally, the site I visit most is Newton Abbot and they seem to do a very good trade in reselling a lot of what comes in, at sensible prices; could this not be applied at all sites (resale prices at Exeter are easily double what they are in Newton which is why Newton turn-over more for cash and Exeter always seem to have loads to sell)!

  16. Anon |

    HWRCs = Household Waste Recycling Centres

    In response to an earlier comment made. The abbreviation was explained on some pages but not others, hence the qury.

  17. Martin |

    This seems a very good compromise between core opening hours and reduced costs.

  18. John parker |

    As I am a regular user of the Exeter (Pinhoe) site, I do not consider the reduction in opening hours, under the current financial restrictions, to be unreasonable, although I do appreciate it will make it more difficult for those working regular hours to visit during weekdays, either before or after 9.00 – 5.30 office hours. Weekend hours are very reasonable.

  19. Jean Rosthorne |

    Closing South Molton on a weekdays will mean that lots of us who visit South Molton for the market and all sorts of reasons on thursday will need to make a separate journey to visit the HWRC (whatever that stands for)
    I would expect that to lead to rubbish being left in lay bys on days when they are closed.

  20. Jeremy Davies |

    I am extremely concerned regarding the proposal to reduce the days of opening at the South Molton Recycling site. If the site is only open at weekends it will mean the site will be congested with every one who needs to use it within this timescale. The parking room is very limited at this site therefore it will lead to vehicles waiting on the road to access the site. This will cause serious traffic problems as people will approach the site from both directions on a busy road. I am retired so I nearly always use the facility on weekdays so as not to cause unnecessary congestion with people who work and can only use the facility at weekends.
    I am also very fearful that any reduction in opening hours will cause people to fly tip which is already becoming a serious problem in the countryside now.
    It is stated that one of the reasons for reducing the opening times of this facility is low useage. Perhaps this is down to the limitations of what can be accepted as waste and the size of trailer that one can use before being charged.