Asbestos disposal

Bonded asbestos can be brought to these Recycling Centres in Devon:

  • Bideford
  • Exeter, Pinbrook Road/Exton Road
  • Honiton, Sutton Barton
  • Kingsbridge, Torr Quarry
  • Newton Abbot, Brunel Road
  • Okehampton
  • Tavistock, Crowndale
  • Tiverton, Ashley
  • Torrington, Deep Moor

Bonded asbestos is not accepted at any other Recycling Centre.

The Recycling Centre’s listed above will accept a maximum of 20 sheets/bags of Asbestos. If you have a greater quantity, other options include contacting a commercial waste company who deal with Asbestos disposal.

For the avoidance of doubt; any item which the site staff deem to contain asbestos will be treated as asbestos (regardless of any analysis or certificates that may have been obtained to state the material is asbestos free) and restrictions/charges will apply.

Acceptable types of asbestos

The following types of asbestos are acceptable:-

  • cement bonded asbestos sheeting
  • cement bonded pipes, guttering or flues
  • other cement bonded asbestos that is household in origin

Any other types of asbestos will not be accepted

We can accept asbestos sheets measuring up to 3m (10ft) in length and 1.5m(4.5ft)  We will not accept asbestos sheets where any dimension is larger than this.

Alternatively, we can accept asbestos double bagged (defined as a small, plastic sand/aggregate bag from standard DIY stores that can be safely lifted by one person) and sealed.

Disposal Information

Asbestos must be double wrapped in tough plastic and completely sealed.  Sheets must be wrapped individually.  Site staff are not permitted to assist with loading asbestos into the skip. Please note that vehicle restrictions are now in place at Recycling Centres.

If you would like health and safety advice when dealing with asbestos, see Asbestos Information Centre for advice on handling asbestos safely.


Charges apply to the disposal of asbestos; see chargeable waste for more information.

Please note that this service is provided for Devon County Council residents only. Asbestos is not classified as household waste and as such Devon County Council is not obliged to accept any asbestos for disposal.

Devon County Council reserves the right to restrict or withdraw this service at any time.

If you have any asbestos that does not meet the above criteria, it must be collected by a suitably authorised waste contractor, or delivered directly to a suitably authorised private facility.