Will Brokerage continue to contact us in the normal way for placements? How do we respond.

For new placements, in the interim whilst a low number of properties are under contract, Brokerage will refer to the Vacancy register for Supported Living properties and if appropriate ensure inclusion in the tender whilst also meeting client choice directive.

This inevitably means that in this interim period you may be contacted for both properties already under contract, and those not.  The preference in this roll out period is to continue to use the existing process and forms. This process will be kept under review with the Brokers and any changes made will be advised to Providers.

So currently should you choose to respond to a tendered service need then the response should identify that you are a Supported Living Provider under the new arrangements.  The outcomes should identify which will be met by the Shared Hours offer [SHO] and which will require additional individual hours [1:1].  The costs should show the cost of Shared Hours Offer and then the cost of individual hours based on the agreed rate under your Contract Schedule.

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