What monies do I need to save up before I can become a tenant either in supported living or renting a property?

This is likely to depend on the landlord and type of tenancy but as a guide

·         Most registered providers such as housing associations will expect you to pay at least one month’s rent in advance.

·         In the private rented sector, you would expect to pay around one month’s rent as a deposit which must be held in a protection scheme by law (the landlord can’t just keep it) plus one month’s rent in advance.  There may also be fees for things like drawing up tenancy agreements or credit reference checks, these fees are typically around £200 but may be more or less. You may want to check if the amounts you are being asked for are reasonable as this can add up to quite a lot in total.

·         Some Supported Living landlords may not charge anything upfront, even if they don’t you still have the same legal rights as any tenant.

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