Street lighting policy summary

1. Introduction

1.1 There is no statutory duty to provide street lighting but where the Authority has provided street lighting there is a duty to maintain.

1.2 The majority of traffic signs require illumination in locations where street lighting is present.

1.3 The general policy provisions are contained in the Street Lighting Policy document.

2. Street Lighting Policy

The County Council as the Highway Authority has no statutory obligation to provide street lighting and the County Council’s approach to lighting provision is as follows. There will be two options for street lighting across the county, depending on the location:

  • part-night lighting in residential areas. Meaning that the hours that streetlights are on will be between dusk and 12:30am and again from 5:30am until dawn. Exceptions will apply where there are overriding safety issues
  • all night and late night dimming lighting on main roads and areas of high night-time activity, such as town centres. Street lights will remain lit all night, but consideration will be given to dimming lighting where possible.

Maintenance Standards

All street lighting units owned by Devon County Council are maintained to a standard that ensures as far as possible their safe, efficient and reliable operation. Main requirements are:

The provision and maintenance of an up-to-date inventory of all items of illuminated street furniture to enable satisfactory implementation and management of maintenance operations and ensure accurate assessment of electrical energy consumption.

  • Monthly inspection procedures to detect outages and planned electrical and structural inspections to identify potential problems and pre-empt in-service faults, while ensuring continual efficient operation and verification of inventory records
  • Reactive repair procedures that ensure appropriate responses to defects within predetermined timescales
  • Six-yearly bulk lamp changes that ensure that optimised lamp life is achieved as well as maintaining a good overall level of lighting
  • All maintenance work will be carried out in accordance with the Street Lighting Maintenance Contract. This contract has a contract period of four years with extension possibilities and contains all operational standards

Version No: 1.0
Updated: May 2015