Carbon Savings Programme (including Part-Night Lighting)

Resident quotes

  • “I think it is a great idea, it must save a fortune in energy and therefore carbon emissions. I used to live in North Devon, so this is a plus for Devon County Council. Well done for grasping the nettle.”
  • “I am happy to see that steps are being taken save on costs and energy but I am concerned about the darkness and the impact it may have on pedestrian safety and possible increase in criminal activity i.e. house/ car security, rather that turning all the lamps off why not just reduce the number of lit lamps after the set time so it is not complete darkness”.
  • “I was delighted to learn of the new street lighting policy in which some will be turned off between 0030 and 0530. This happens in other parts of the country and is widely considered to be successful so congratulations on adopting this policy for us here in Devon.”
  • “Can the light outside my property can be turned off during the night. It has became a meeting place for local young people who hang around outside her house from about 11pm till 1.30 am to 2.30am most weekends. They make quite a bit of noise which keeps me awake. I think that if the light was turned off they would disperse”.
  • “I was delighted to hear that you plan to reduce overnight street lighting.”
  • “I agree with saving energy by turning off the lights but would like to see a odd light left on where there are shops. I have a shop and since the lights have been turned off 1.30 – 2.00 am there has been a few shop related incidents.”
  • “Personally, I think this would be an excellent idea, especially in small villages (I live in Bow) and would surely save the council thousands of pounds in electricity costs. I have often thought it wasteful to leave the lights on all night, and can remember the lights being turned off a few years ago.”
  • “Is there a possibility of keeping one light on all night, as with no street lighting I can’t see when I come home from work at 3 or 4 in the morning. Turning on just the one closest to my home, or even the one at the end of the cul-de-sac would enable me to locate the front door, once I get out of the car. I do understand the reasons for the ‘switch-off””.
  • “I live in the Pensylvannia area of the City and would be more than happy for the street lights to be turned off over night!”
  • “Can the streetlights continue to be left on until a later time. There are elderly residents in four or five of the households who feel a similar way about this”.
  • “I have just read that you are to stop street lighting in Newton St Cyres from 12:30am to 5:30 am, a couple of years back we were without street lighting at all for several weeks – it was lovely! So many stars! I would happily do without for ever, have you ever asked locals if they could do without them altogether?”

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