Part-night street lighting in Exeter – have your say

Summary of the responses

A consultation was held to provide information and gain feedback relating to the introduction of part-night operation of street lighting into Exeter, so that street lights switch off between 00.30 and 05.30. This is a further stage in the countywide policy to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, which has so far resulted in over 40,000 lights being converted to part-night operation since 2009.

The consultation, held between September and November 2013, included information displays and a number of ward meetings with presentations and question and answer sessions. The results also take account of further comments received until 31 March 2014.

From letters, emails, web submissions and consultation questionnaires, there were 110 comments recorded and where possible the ward locations have been identified.

An initial analysis indicated that 56 of the responses showed support for the proposal to introduce part-night operation, 23 responses indicated objection to the proposals and 31 responses provided general comments.

A more detailed analysis of the responses identified a number of common themes relating to:

  • Financial savings, energy reduction, carbon footprint: 16
  • Crime, fear of crime: 28
  • LED lighting / energy saving measures: 8
  • Light pollution: 16
  • Enjoyment of the night sky: 6
  • Good idea, fully in favour, support policy: 55
  • Disagree, strongly against: 15
  • Street lights on all night wasteful: 7
  • Steps hazard: 4

The implementation of part-night operation of street lighting is under constant review and the County Council is working closely with local councillors and police to identify areas of concern and ensure that street lights are operational all-night where they are required.