Part-night street lighting in Exeter – have your say


We take our responsibilities for equalities very seriously and strive to have due regard for the need to minimise disadvantage in every decision we take.

You can see more about our duty here.

We want to fully understand the potential impact of what we do and ensure that our decisions are informed by this information.

Download the part night lighting for Exeter impact assessment.

Your comments will help us take full account of any concerns and make sure we do not inadvertently affect or disadvantage any particular group or community.

3 comments on “Impacts

  1. Russell eveleigh says:

    Living in buddle lane I just can’t understand why u would want to do this it is so dangerous for young & old people &crime is going to go straight up its got to stop now

  2. Melvyn Coles says:

    Street lighting should be kept on crime will rise or don’t that matter do saving money mean more than people’s saftey

  3. sally phillips says:

    Please do not switch off street lights at all in Exeter. I am very concerned how this would cause harm to people with more attacks such as muggings, rapes & even deaths. This is too high a price to pay. By all means carry out your other green proposals but keep all the street lights on during the hours of darkness.

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