Part-night street lighting in Exeter – have your say


The public consultation, which included Public Exhibitions and ran until 3 November 2013, was used to inform decisions about which other street lights to leave on all night, for example, on key walk home routes. To see which streets are included in the scheme please see this map. These proposals were displayed in various venues around Exeter, public meetings held, as well as people being able to comment online.

Lighting will be presumed to operate part-night as indicated in the above map and from the response to this consultation, the majority of those responding were in favour. Those opposed were mainly concerned about crime, however, experience from elsewhere in the county suggests that crime is not expected to increase, but may in fact reduce following the planned implementation. Details are being finalised with local ward City and County Councillors and police and any changes will be shown on a revised plan. This is in keeping with the existing County Council Street Lighting Policy agreed in 2009, already implemented across much of the County” Residents will still be able to submit comments up to six months following conversion of lighting to part-night operation and where found necessary, following consultation with Councillors and police, lighting can be restored to all-night operation.