Carbon Savings Programme (including Part-Night Lighting)

Part-night street lighting in Exeter – have your say

The formal public consultation meetings have now finished, however you are still able make your views known by using the comments form below. This form will remain available until six months after the final area of Exeter is converted to part-night lighting. This will give the public the opportunity to assess directly the impact for themselves, after lights have been turned off in the middle of the night.

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121 comments on “Part-night street lighting in Exeter – have your say

  1. Andrew Butler says:

    I was really pleased when the lights in School Lane were turned off at night, not only did it seems a sensible environmental movement but it also helped me sleep better.

    Recently I’ve been saddened by the apparent reversal of this initiative, I had told many people that for once Exeter seemed to be doing something that was forward-thinking.

  2. Mary says:

    Very few streetlights turned on, on the turn from Honiton Road, past Anderson Drive. This is at 8pm so not middle of the night. I have to walk this route and don’t feel safe. It’s pretty much pitch black. please consider safety!

  3. Tom says:

    I think the scheme is rediculus! Putting people’s safety first should be the main priority, the crime rate will soon expand too and I don’t see how it’s saving carbon when all these council offices have there lights switched on even during the day! So it’s just another excuse, next there want to turn off the traffic lights see how much meyham that causes….. #SayNoToPart-NightLighting

  4. Trudy says:

    Although I grew up in Devon, I now live in London, however I visit my parents on a regular basis. Since the part-night lighting came into effect I have experienced two incidents in one weekend where the emergency services were called. The first, a cyclist rode into a wall as the area was pitch black at 1am outside my sisters house, so an ambulance was called as we could not see the injured cyclist but could hear he was in trouble by his screams of pain. The second, there was a harrowing knocking on my parents front door at 2am the next night by some drunk teenagers, again who we could not see due to the non existent visibility. We could simply hear them moving around the front and back of the house. In the end the police were called as they were being very intimidating. I ask you this, why are the lights turned off only on the west side of the city? Putting residents in danger and adding extra work to the emergency services, is surely not cost effective for the council? I have lived in London for over five years and as a 27 year old I find it far more intimidating at night in Exeter than I do in London.

  5. Kev Morgan says:

    I live in Norwich Road, Exwick and very frequently finish work at 01:00hrs in the morning. As I try and do my bit for the environment I walk to and from my place of work. As I walk from Winchester Ave into Coventry Road then Norwich Road it is completely dark. As the pavements are not properly maintained these days I find myself walking in the road as these are in a slightly better condition than the pavements. I have two questions, One; if I were to purchase a torch and send proof of purchase to you guys would you pay for it? Secondly; as I pay alot in council tax and don’t seem to get much back for it would you consider slightly lowering my monthly payments to compensate for the lack of street lighting. I await your response. Regards K.Morgan

  6. Frances Twomey de Hoyos says:

    I would like to know why the lights in my road, Cedars Road, are not being turned off at night? Please can this be done to save energy? .surely this would be an obvious road to chose as, it is a cul de sac, and while people can use the little lane at the end to walk though, they don’t have to if they don’t live here. Thanks.

  7. Not Happy says:

    I live in Widecombe Way which is a main walk through from the stoke Hill estate to Pennsylvania, this area should be lit up at all times though the night. The lane is very vunerable due to the wooded area that surronds the paths and there are steps that you cannot see. I often see people walking along this lane at all times of the night and worry for their safety. I think having the lights off at night in that area is causing concerns to all the neighbourhood and it is a risk to everyone. It is in fact a safe haven for criminals to attack or cause harm to the public knowing that they will not be seen or heard as it is a remote lane.

  8. M Sillett says:

    following my earlier comment, Is there the possibility of requesting certain lights be switched off earlier in the night or removed entirely.

    Many thanks

  9. M Sillett says:

    I very strongly believe that turning street lights off at night is a very good thing. When I grew up power cuts were common and very often I walked home at night without street lights with no problem. The light pollution and disruption to peoples sleep from unwanted street lighting should be avoided. I believe turning off street lights at a sensible hour eg 10pm would lead to calmer neighbourhoods and less stress for people living there. If I had the choice to live in an area with limited or even no street lighting that would suit me great.

  10. Carol Wood says:

    I love the lights going off after midnight. It really is amazing how much ambient light there is, and how much you can see. Street lights have always been intrusive to my getting a good nights sleep. Keep the lights going off, its terrific and save money and energy. Crime usually drops as torchlight sticks out like a sore thumb, and highlights where those up to no good are!!!!!!

  11. Dr Dapo Odunlade says:

    Hi, we live on Lands Rd EX4 8PT. I agree with a lot of the earlier posted comments. The cost saving initiative should not be at the detriment of public safety. For instance, the steps leading to our front door are now considered a hazard, locating a house in the dark is challenging. I personally wonder how my 93 yr old next door neighbour has coped with this proposal, as we have a few Octagenarians and a lot of young children in this area. The potential light pollution which would emanate from each house installing it’s own security lights would create more harm than good. It just makes an otherwise peaceful environment more intimidating to walk on at night. I feel the energy saving initiative is a noble idea but it needs to be revisited considering the Victorians recognized the need for street lighting. I’m no expert but could they replace with LED bulbs, solar power or some other alternative.

  12. Tom Broomhead says:

    Hi, we have recently moved into Admiral Way, EX2 7GT. The street lamps are rarely on; we have children who want to walk to school but it is mostly pitch black! Can the street lights be on more please? It is unsafe in the dark mornings. Thanks

  13. Charles March says:

    The whole claim of saving money and CO2 emissions is completely fallacious! Any alleged ‘saving’ can be recouped by adding less than 20p/month to council tax. Any CO2 saving will be completely wiped out in less than 1 second from the moment lights are switched off by the ever increasing manmade carbon emissions by major developing economies like China and India. Trumping any argument for the introduction of PNL is that IT KILLS! Six deaths so far have been officially attributed to PNL; councils who persist with PNL are guilty of exposing people to danger. Councils where PNL has resulted in death are guilty of murder!

  14. Luke Stone says:

    I disagree with this new policy. On one hand I agree that it is a good way to cut down energy consumption. However myself and my girlfriend are required to walk home from work between 12.30 and 1 and we shouldn’t have to do so in fear of the dark!

  15. Evelyn Booth says:

    Whilst I applaud the council for initiating this Carbon Savings Programme, please could you reconsider illuminating areas such as Prospect Park, Victoria Street, etc until 2am, either with illuminated bollards, or limited street lamps (I understand they are residential areas) this would make residents feel safer when travelling home, safety which cannot be taken for granted. Of course, dark areas such as these at night are associated with the probability of sexual harassment, against which the university has been campaigning recently, with the hashtag #NeverOk. If more streets were illuminated (slightly more, not totally), it would benefit more residents, and show that the council support this public awareness campaign as well.

  16. Amy T says:

    I live in St Thomas on Cecil road and work shifts, meaning at times I arrive home at 2/3am. Having the street lights turned off is awful and dangerous – at times I have to park on a different road from my house and feel extremely vulnerable as a lone female when walking from the car to my front door. On an overcast night visibility is zero, you can’t even make out the edge of the kerb when stepping off the pavement. I agree with some comments below ref the pavements, they are in such a poor state and uneven, people run the risk of injuring themselves. I am unsure of the set up of the street lights and if its even possible but I feel consideration should be given to looking at having a couple street lights on in a street rather than all of them overnight as I did note one lone lamppost being on one morning at 2am on Union street.

  17. Lovell says:

    I would like to know how I can get are lights back on every night though the might as well in are rd we have had car broke into my car been keyed
    I would like to know how paying got this and I went to work on thurd and the light was still off every were at 630 why ? It’s too worry about going to work in this desk mornings hoe can u help me to help Mr yo get this light back on in this area

  18. Mark Bigwood says:

    Doesn’t work well our road has no houses opposite and therefore it’s very dark with no lights!
    Problems with the system was known before installation and proving so now lights on all day or not coming on at all and why are some social housing roads not included but in the same postcode !
    How many years will it take to get any savings with the costs of installation !

  19. Kim corrick says:

    Hello. I do understand the reasoning behind this change, however I live in at Thomas and since MAY we have had gas works ongoing. It is VERY dangerous, I have called up 4 times asking them to be switched back on durning these works but still nothing. More worrying as of the last 4-5 weeks the crime in the area has increased. There is nothing the police can do about the crimes as there is no lighting for the crimes to be witnessed or CCTV. We have herd of many damages to cars, robbers, attacks ect. I am concerned for the safety of my self and others. When the lights where on stuff crime was very rare. In the long term this will cost more to us as tax payers and the council in damages and the police force. This needs to be sorted ASAP.

  20. terry cann says:

    St Thomas please can we have our street lights turned back on at 5.30am I do shift work I leave my home at 5.40 to start work at since the 6th of November they are being switched back on at 6am when they are supposed to be off from 12.30am to 5.30am I got home from work at 1.30pm on 13th November to Wentworth gardens to find all of our street lights turned on in perfect daylight get it right don’t waste energy

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