Carbon Savings Programme (including Part-Night Lighting)

Frequently asked questions

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I am not happy with this proposal and would like the lighting left on all night in my road. Who can I discuss this with?

Please put your concerns in writing to the:

Street Lighting Team Leader
Devon County Council
Matford Lane Offices
County Hall
Topsham Road

What do I do if I have hurt myself on a dark road because I trip over?

We would advise people who are walking about after 12.30am to take a torch with them.

What do I do if I am attacked on a dark road?

We are not going to switch lights off where the Police can provide evidence of high levels of crime and disorder.

When I return home and turn off the main road, everything will be dark. This will not be safe, especially for women on their own. What can I do?

Lighting will only switch off after 12.30am. Most dwellings have low level outdoor lighting and this is sufficient for someone to make their way from a vehicle to their house, or from the garage if they keep their vehicle in there overnight. The human eye adapts very well at low light levels, for example most people are able to move about their house at night without having to switch lights on.

What about personal safety, increased crime and going to and from work at night?

The time chosen to switch lights off is when vehicle and pedestrian movements are very low. In rural areas where there is no lighting people use torches.

In areas where part-night lighting already operates, there has been no evidence that crime has increased, or personal safety affected.

Can I choose the times the light outside my house switches on and off?

No, the photocells that switch the lights on and off are set at the factory, so that all the photocells we use switch at approximately the same time, this keeps costs down and helps to keep maintenance programmes the same.

As our street light is the only one lighting up the steps between the roads to our house, will it be left on?

In discussions with local County Councillors and Police, any such locations where there are major safety concerns, the lighting will be left on.

Why should rural areas be penalised – we pay our tax like those in urban areas?

Rural areas are not being penalised, part-night lighting is being introduced into residential areas across the county, both rural and urban. We have received a number of requests for part-night lighting in rural areas and even requests for lighting to be removed altogether.

There are some rural locations with little or no lighting.

Will there be a reduction in my Council Tax?

Unfortunately not. There are massive pressures on County Council budgets and it is important that savings are achieved wherever possible, but still provide good quality services.

Have lights been switched off in other parts of the country?

Yes, part-night lighting has been introduced in Buckinghamshire, Essex, Gloucester, Hampshire, Powys and Oxfordshire. Here in Devon there are already areas with part-night lighting, such as Aveton Gifford, Stoke Fleming and Strete. There are also a number of parishes that have requested part-night lighting, including Beer and Shillingford St George.

The Highways Agency is also using part-night lighting between junctions 29 and 30 of the M5 near Exeter.

There are some areas that are unlit.