Carbon Savings Programme (including Part-Night Lighting)

Devon County Council has agreed a package of measures for street lighting that will cut carbon emissions and reduce energy costs:

  • Remove non-essential street lighting, illuminated bollards and illuminated signs.
  • The use of electronic control gear on all new works to provide operational flexibility and save energy.
  • Part night lighting: The hours of operation will be changed from all-night to part-night on all non-main road lighting and all new residential developments.
  • Low level lighting bollards will not normally be used.
  • Existing part-night lighting areas will not be changed to all night lighting except where there is evidence of an increase in night time crime occurring as a result of the introduction of part-night lighting and the restoration of all-night lighting has been requested by the police..
  • Where there is evidence of road safety problems, existing all night lighting will be maintained. This will also be the case on radial traffic routes and in areas of high night time crime.
  •  Where all-night lighting is retained, the possibility of using dimmed lighting operation will be considered. (see below for more information)
  • Reduce lighting levels on specific traffic routes by replacement of lamps with low wattage alternatives.
  • New technology, for example LED lighting, will be used in new developments and for replacing existing lamps where it is economic to do so.
  • The aim of the County Council is to procure green energy if sufficient is available and when this is competitively priced.

Part-night Lighting Schemes:

  • Part-night lighting in residential areas. The hours that some streetlights are on will be changed from all-night long to lighting between dusk and about 12:30am and again from about 5:30am until dawn.
  • Areas of high night-time activity, such as town centres, will remain lit all night, but consideration will be given to dimming lighting where possible.
  • Main road lighting, will be subject to risk assessment  which will determine whether street lights remain lit all night, are converted to part-night lighting or dimmed.

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