What do I do?

It doesn’t matter how you have received the compliment, it could be a text, a card, an email, a letter or a comment on a form; we just need a full copy of it.

You can email us with the compliment attached as an email or a scanned document. Or you can post a photocopy of the compliment to us. Make sure you include your name and job title, your manager’s name and your service area.

Where to send it

Email your compliment to customer.relations@devon.gov.uk or post your compliment to: Customer Relations, Room 120, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 4QD.

What happens?

All compliments will be logged and recorded and the information will become part of our quarterly report to Corporate Leadership Team and Cabinet. On a quarterly basis, Heads of Service will choose several compliments and those people chosen will be offered an exciting reward experience from selection of opportunities provided by Devon County Council and our partners.