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Week of: 24 July 2017 - 30 July 2017

Understanding Mastery for Teaching Assistants

This course will focus on what is meant by teaching for mastery in mathematics and support teaching assistants in working with children to understand mathematics. It will dispel the myth that “you‘re either born with the ‘maths’ gene or you’re not”, working from the principle that all children can achieve in mathematics given the right […]

24 July 2017

Fluency through Reasoning in Key Stage 1 and 2: Making the Best Use of No Nonsense Number Facts

Fluency is one of the three aims of the National Curriculum and involves far more than the memorisation of facts. A key element of fluency is reasoning; practice that focuses on reasoning strategies, looking for connections, patterns and relationships, is likely to be more effective. No Nonsense Number Facts provides such purposeful practice. The activities […]

24 July 2017

From Counting to Calculating – Flexible Intervention

The two day training programme focusses on subject knowledge and pedagogy related to key aspects of number and additive reasoning, including: Understanding counting and the additive structure of the number system Moving on from count all Additive composition: partitioning numbers and understanding equivalence Understanding and using place value Inverse relationship between addition and subtraction

24 July 2017

Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense

Success@Arithmetic: Number Sense is a maths intervention from the Every Child Counts suite of interventions. It is for pupils mainly in Key Stage 2 who: Need support to understand the number system and develop fluency with number facts Are working below National Curriculum expectations for Y3.

24 July 2017

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