Interests: School Business Management / Administration - Health and Safety

Week of: 17 July 2017 - 23 July 2017

Book Learn2Live Road safety events for sixth form students

All schools and colleges with sixth form students are invited to attend the annual Learn2Live Road Safety events which will be taking place throughout Devon during the autumn term. Places are Free and can be booked via the Learn2Live website events page. Visit the Learn2Live website for more information.

Medication Information regarding pupils

There has been a recent incident in one of our schools where vital medical information regarding a pupil had not been passed on to all staff. This made a medical emergency more difficult to deal with than it needed to be, both for the pupil and the member of staff dealing with the emergency. Please […]

Fire Safety Reminder

As a result of the incident at Grenfell Tower, DCC are carrying out a holistic review of our fire safety processes, procedures and management to verify that they are fit for purpose. In addition, following an advice note from The Department of Education dated 13 July, the Devon Health and Safety Service has produced the […]

Inspection and repair of inflatable play equipment

The Devon Health and Safety Service has been made aware of issues regarding the inspection and repair of inflatable play equipment. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been made aware that Peter Morrell is once again advertising his services for inspection and repair of inflatable play equipment. He is known to use a number […]

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