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Change to Enhanced Redundancy Pay – School Support Staff

Following previous communications and further delays in the introduction of the Government’s Public Sector Exit Cap, we are now in a position to confirm that the change to the Council’s enhanced redundancy pay will take effect from 1 April 2017. This will affect all Devon County Council employees including school support staff but excluding teachers. […]

Computing for KS2 Teachers

This one day course supports class teachers in KS2 in delivering the new computing curriculum to their pupils. The training will identify the essential areas to cover, looking at progression, continuity, assessment, activities, software and hardware requirements.

28 February 2017

Teaching Computing with iPad Apps

From the age of 5, pupils need to begin to understand what algorithms are, how to create and debug programs and predict the behaviours of simple programs. Once the children are in Key Stage 2 they are able to design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals and the iPad can be used to […]

28 February 2017

EYFS and KS1 Computing

This training will identify the essential areas to cover, looking at progression, continuity, assessment, activities, software and hardware requirements. Participants will gain: An understanding of the background, relevance and importance of computing in the new curriculum The ability to plan lessons for teaching computing to their class The confidence to support their pupils in completing […]

28 February 2017

DAG E-Newsletter Issue 115 – 23 February 2017

The latest DAG e-newsletter is now available (requires login). This is a short and sweet snapshot of what is going on in the world of school governance, ranging from governors going on ‘strike’ to RAISEonline being replaced, and the ‘Fit for Purpose’ Quiz. An essential reading for DAG members. If you are a governor or […]

EXPIRED Leading Good Autism Practice

The Communication and Interaction Team in partnership with the Autism Education Trust are delivering a training package designed for school staff that have a leadership role that includes responsibility for developing provision for pupils on the autism spectrum within a school setting. Aimed at SENCO’s, INCOs and Teachers with specific responsibility. All Key Stages.

28 February 2017

Using ‘Children as Evidence’ – KS1 and KS2

The ‘Children as Evidence’ materials provide questions related to key mathematical ideas for each year group along with a clear indication of how to interpret responses in relation to age-related expectations. They have been produced to support schools with moderation and standardisation.

28 February 2017

EXPIRED Deaf Awareness Training for Secondary Support Staff

Gain a more in depth understanding of hearing impairment for all students Training focus on three key areas of deafness: Acoustics, Technology and Social Inclusion Aimed at Secondary School support staff.

28 February 2017

EXPIRED London Community Gospel Choir in Concert – Just £3!

Please share this wonderful event with your school community. Devon Music Education Hub is bringing children and adults together to celebrate the amazing experience of singing Gospel music. Following a day of workshops, the internationally acclaimed London Community Gospel Choir will stage an amazing evening concert for wider community. The essence of gospel performance is […]

DASH Update: Spring Term – 23 February 2017 – Issue 4

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27 February 2017
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