CEO Leadership Programme

Lead your Trust with the confidence and ability to exceed your goals.

A comprehensive programme for current chief executives of Multi-Academy Trusts or foundations that will equip you to reach and exceed your goals in growing and nurturing your organisations. This programme addresses the challenges of scaling up your Multi-Academy Trusts in a sustainable and effective manner.

The course will run over a period of 4 months and will involve a Discovery Phase and 2 Workshops separated by a Project Phase (a period for project work and individual coaching).

Discovery Phase
Personal ‘Inventory’:
Delegates will complete a Personal ‘Inventory’ that will enable them to reflect on their own practice and development as well as that of their organisation.

Small Group Online Session:
Following completion of their Personal ‘Inventory’ delegates will be invited to attend a 45-minute online session in small groups, where they will discuss the programme with the lead facilitator and develop a series of pre-workshop activities designed to prepare them to get the maximum benefit from the first workshop.

Workshop 1 (accommodation included in cost) – A residential 2 day session during which the critical executive skills will be discussed and developed. Delegates will work together and develop a project plan that they will implement in the Project Phase between the workshops.

Project Phase – 8-12 weeks, During the Project Phase delegates will:
• Receive three 1-1 coaching sessions from the lead facilitator
• Work with a small group of colleagues and undertake a number of visits to other MATs so that they can observe the work of colleagues (They will be expected to host at least one visit within their own MAT for other delegates)
• By the end of this phase, be expected to prepare a presentation on their project showing how they have utilised the skills from the first workshop to implement and develop effective change within their organisations. Additional material will also be made available during this phase including webcasts and additional reading content

Workshop 2 – A single day during which each delegate will present their report on their project. The presentation will be an opportunity for delegates to receive constructive feedback on their work so far and to identify their next steps.

This course is designed for:
Existing chief executives of Multi-Academy Trusts and those who will be appointed to the role within the next 6 months.

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