Devon County Council School Term Dates 2018/19 and 2019/20

Devon County Council School Term Dates 2018/19 and 2019/20

Local authorities have a duty to determine the school term dates for community and voluntary-controlled schools in their area. Attached are Devon County Council’s proposed dates for both 2018/19 and 2019/20.


  • Schools must meet for at least 380 sessions or 190 days during any school year to educate their pupils.

  • DCC sets a calendar of 197 days, allowing individual schools to set five training days (for staff attendance only) and two occasional days (staff and pupil holiday).

  • Schools will be asked to indicate their non-pupil dates and opening times after the dates have been published.

  • There are a number of fixed points in the school calendar (Christmas, Easter, etc.). The most pedagogically significant of these is the final week of May (Spring Bank Holiday week). This is the only week, which traditionally, does not contain any examinations (i.e. external examination boards, SATs).

  • The dates have been drawn up, through initial consultation with neighbouring authorities, to ensure calendars are similar across borders, wherever possible.

  • School employers are required to set the term dates of their school year. Employers are: the local authority in community, voluntary controlled and community special schools and maintained nursery schools; the governing body in foundation and voluntary aided schools; the academy trust in academies and Free Schools.

  • Whilst foundation, voluntary aided, academies and Free Schools are not required to follow the dates set by the local authority, it is hoped that they will adopt them, to ensure similar dates for siblings attending various schools.

  • Cabinet member approval will be sought after Friday 20th January 2017. The dates will be published shortly afterwards on the Devon County Council website (

"Weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Please note that weeks without communications to schools are ignored and the links will go to the last week where a communication was made in this category."