Fire Safety Reminder

As a result of the incident at Grenfell Tower, DCC are carrying out a holistic review of our fire safety processes, procedures and management to verify that they are fit for purpose.

In addition, following an advice note from The Department of Education dated 13 July, the Devon Health and Safety Service has produced the following reminders for staff with building management responsibilities:

Ensure that you are aware of, and have the actions detailed in DCC Policy and Guidance Notes, in place. These documents can be found in the Document Library of OSHENS

Given recent events it would be worthwhile to walk your site and confirm the following:

  • Your Fire Risk Assessment was reviewed within the last 12 months and that no significant changes to the building have been made since its review. Should you need assistance in reviewing your fire risk assessment you can contact the H&S team.
  • Any actions detailed in your last Fire Risk Assessment are in place.
  • As, as the person responsible for producing Fire Risk Assessments you must have attended the mandatory DCC course on this, if you have not then immediately book onto the course (link training programme below).
  • Verify that all of your fire extinguishers have been serviced within the last 12 months (including the ones tucked away!).
  • Verify that your fire doors automatically close when the alarm sounds and that they are in good condition and close completely.
  • A weekly fire alarm test should be taking place (during occupied hours) so that staff can familiarise themselves with the sound and the systems are appropriately checked.
  • Check that you are carrying out a fire drill at least termly and you can evacuate in under 4 minutes.

The Devon Health and Safety Service is available to provide assistance and support, there are no questions that are too trivial! Should you need any help contact your H&S Adviser or call 01392 382027

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