A382 – Temporary traffic lights at Great Tree Park

Traffic lights are currently in place at Great Tree Park on the A382 near Chagford.

The lights are due to be in place at least until April 2018 and are required due to a collapsed culvert (a structure allowing water to flow under the road).

What are we doing?

In trying to clear the problem it has been identified that there is a possible collapse under the hedge bank, as well as issues with the culvert under the road in the coned off area, meaning this section of the culvert will need to be replaced.

A hole in the road is allowing some water to flow through the culvert and will allow easy access for contractors to unblock the culvert if needed.

A detailed design needs to be undertaken to achieve a solution that is best for all concerned. This may require negotiating access and permission with local landowners.

Further traffic management in the form of a road closure may be required once a solution has been identified.


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