Preventative Surfacing and Associated Works 2019

What are we doing?

The work is for countywide preventative surfacing and associated works.  The programme will be carried out between January and September with each location being closed for no more than 5 days.  This work is highly dependant on suitable weather conditions, so the programme dates adn timings are likely to be flexible.

When are we closing the road?

The full list of locations can be found here.  Signs will be erected at the locations at least 7 days before the work is due to start.  Actual dates and diversion information will be available at

Why are we doing this work?

The works will seal the surface of the road to prevent the ingress of water.  This will protect the road against frost and water damage.  The works will also refreshskid resistance thereby making the roads safer.

Why do we have to close the road?

We must ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, and in order to comply with our safety guidelines we are unable to carry out this work without a road closure.  As this is a narrow section of road we have to close the road for periods to give our workforce a safe working zone, however we have worked hard to ensure that the closures are short time periods where possible in order to reduce the disruption to road users to the minimum.

How is local traffic being handled?

We advise the residents of Dead End Roads to make themselves known to the respective local operatives.

What will happen to the public and school bus service?

We have advised our contractors to carry works during off-peak hours for the roads affecting school bus service.