Deep Lane phase 1 (B3416 at Plympton)

Work to improve road capacity and congestion on the B3416 Deep Lane junction started in June 2016 and was completed in April 2017. The work included carriageway widening, signing, line painting and signalisation of the existing Sandy Road/Ridgeway Road roundabout, in addition to improvements at the Deep Lane/A38 junction.

Why did we do this work?

In order to improve the capacity and congestion of the B3416 for future use, it was necessary to carry out roadworks on the B3416 Deep Lane junction and the A38 eastbound exit slip road.

At the time of developing the master plan for Sherford and also considering the potential employment growth at Langage and the existing pressures on the junction, it was demonstrable that the junction would reach its capacity and peak periods it can be constrained.

With construction of the new Sherford Community to the south and expansion of Langage Business Park to the north, these problems would have been exacerbated in the future.

If action was not taken to improve the road capacity at Deep Lane junction, over time increased traffic flows would have resulted in more queuing and longer journey times.

The scheme has been delivered early to make sure that the infrastructure is there when needed. The scheme was awarded £2 million of Growth Deal Money by the Heart of the South West Local Economic Partnership (HoSW LEP). The rest of the scheme costs are being paid for by the developers.

What is phase 1?

The Deep Lane improvements have been split into two delivery phases. This is because it is a complex scheme to deliver and has benefitted from Growth Deal Funding to deliver Phase 1 early.

Deep Lane phase 1 was work to the north side of the junction and included:

  • replacing the Ridgeway roundabout with a signalised junction
  • increasing the size of the existing signalised Deep Lane junction
  • widening the existing left turn lane for eastbound on slip traffic
  • realignment of the carriageway and footpath/cycleway
  • traffic signals optimised and linked to manage traffic flow better
  • crossing points added to existing pedestrian routes
  • highway signing, drainage, and ducting and new street lights.

What is phase 2?

Phase 2 describes the work planned to the south of the junction, this will see the delivery of infrastructure to aid better access to the A38, and it will also connect the Sherford Main Street to Deep Lane. The Sherford planning permission requires that the Deep Lane improvements are delivered by the time Sherford reaches construction of 1300 homes, the development is currently building its first 600 homes. To review the transport proposals, details can be found on the South Hams Planning website.

Can I claim compensation?

We are aware and sorry for the impact that the lane and road closures have had on travellers and business. However, we have a duty to maintain the highway and powers to restrict roads to do so; therefore we are unable to pay compensation relating to this scheme. If we had not been able to undertake the improvements to the north of the A38 Deep Lane Junction, it would have become heavily congested and have had a greater detrimental effect on road users and businesses in the near future.

Anticipated benefits at the junction of Wolverwood Lane and Ridgeway

The current roundabout at the Sandy Road/Ridgeway intersection has been converted to a signalised junction. This is expected to have the following effect on the users of Wolverwood Lane.

The signals will manage traffic better and create gaps in the traffic in Ridgeway, with the scope to modify their timings, thus creating a platooning (vehicles moving in group waves) effect. These gaps can be utilised by users aiming to exit or enter Wolverwood Lane.

Outside of peak times, the traffic light operation will be ‘rest on red’, upon approach to Ridgeway junction. This will keep the traffic signals on red by default, when there are no vehicles waiting at the junction. Any approaching vehicles will, therefore, be encouraged to slow down.

‘Keep Clear’ markings are also utilised at the Wolverwood Lane junction.

We apologise for any inconvenience these essential works caused, and would like to thank you for your patience.

If you wish, you may contact our Customer Service Centre, which is open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturdays 9am – 1pm. Please phone 0845 155 1004 or 0345 155 1004.