A39 west of Bucks Cross to Dowland Cross

Work will take place on the A39 west of Bucks Cross to Dowland Cross between 19 February and 7 March 2018.

The road will be closed 24hrs a day during this period with a signed diversion route in place. A plan of the diversion route can be seen here.

In order to minimise the length of the closure, some of the drainage and kerbing works will be carried out in advance under temporary traffic lights.

What are we doing?

The section of road between Bucks Cross and Dowland Cross will be partially reconstructed, with new drainage and kerbing installed and then completely resurfaced.

Why do we need to close the road?

The reconstruction of a section of this road means no traffic can use the road. The narrow width of the remainder of the site does not have sufficient space for vehicles to pass the plant being used to carry out the work.

Why is there such a long diversion route?

We have a duty to direct traffic along a similar or higher classification of road to that being closed so that all vehicles, including large articulated vehicles, can safely use the diversion route.

How is local traffic being handled?

Local traffic will undoubtedly use smaller roads around the work, these are limited and likely to become congested, we will not be signing a ‘local’ diversion due to the lack of suitable routes.

Assistance will be provided at the closure points and within the work site to ensure that there is no unauthorised access through the site and to assist residents within the closed section.

Why can the work not be done at night?

Night work is not possible due to the time of the year and the possibility of overnight low temperatures which can adversely affect the laying and compaction of the asphalt material, resulting in a shorter life expectancy of the new road surface.

There are also a number of properties that front directly on to this section of the A39.

Arrangements for residents

While the work is taking place there will be times when access will be restricted to residents living within the length of the closure.

All residents will be contacted by the contractor in advance of the closure and given a contact number to discuss their access requirements.


If you need any further information please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1004.