A380 – planned roadworks

Work on the A380 is planned to start on 29 January 2018 with an anticipated finish date of 23 March 2018.

The work will cover the Telegraph Hill southbound and Ware Barton to Penn Inn southbound areas (further details below) and will be undertaken using lane closures with speed restrictions and night-time road closures where necessary. The overnight closures will be in place up to and including 2 March 2018 to allow work on the road construction.

Signed diversion routes will be in place while the road is closed.

Works Update

Night time closures have been in place on the A380 at the Ware Barton junction since 5th February allowing the road reconstruction works to the slip road and lane 1 to be undertaken. It is expected that the works will switch from lane 1 to lane 2 overnight on 16th February to allow works to start on lane 2. As well as the road reconstruction works a new crash cushion has been installed and the existing barrier replaced. Work is also going on to refurbish a length of filter drain. The lane 2 works will involve further road reconstruction, re-waterproofing the remainder of the bridge deck and filter drain refurbishment.

Week commencing 19th February works are expected to start at Telegraph Hill. These works will take place under night-time road closures and will involve vegetation clearance and sign replacement as well as resurfacing and repairs to the road for much of the length of the hill. Back at Ware Barton repairs will also be undertaken to the underside of the bridge decks.

Traffic Concerns

We are aware that the lane closure on the A380 southbound is causing traffic to tail back during peak hours, many motorists are choosing to take the previous exit from A380 at Eagle Farm Junction rather than stay on the main road, this is resulting in more traffic in Kingsteignton and then into Newton Abbot.

We cannot stop road users from making this choice, however we advise that the journey will be quicker if motorists stay on the A380.  The road is not closed and traffic does move through the works at a steady pace, staying in the queue will be quicker than trying to find an alternate route and also allow normal flows around the Newton Abbot / Kingsteignton urban network.

We are monitoring the situation.

What are we doing?

At the Telegraph Hill southbound section we will be undertaking:

  • a considerable quantity of resurfacing across all lanes
  • more substantial repairs to a couple of areas where the pavement has deteriorated
  • checks of existing drainage and repairing where necessary
  • the cutting back of vegetation and removing trees that pose a hazard to traffic.

At Ware Barton southbound we will be undertaking:

  • bridge deck waterproofing
  • replacement of barriers
  • road reconstruction across all lanes
  • filter drain cleaning
  • drainage investigation and refurbishment
  • the cutting back of vegetation.

The contractor carrying out this work is Mildren Construction Ltd.

Why do we have to close the road?

We must ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, and in order to comply with our safety guidelines, we are unable to carry out all of this work without a road closure. The areas involved cover the full road width, closing the road at night will enable the work to be undertaken safely and more quickly than trying to use lane closures only.

In order to minimise disruption, we will only undertake closures at night between 7:00pm and 6:00am.  The closures will take place up to and including 2 March 2018.

During the day and on those nights with no planned work, lane closures and speed restrictions will be in place with the aim of allowing traffic to move through the area. Delays to traffic as a result of this are, unfortunately, inevitable but the aim is to keep the duration of any traffic management to a minimum with the contractor undertaking work both during the day and at night.

We apologise for any inconvenience this essential work causes and assure you that we are doing our best to minimise disruption wherever possible.


A 5 year programme of work is proposed for the A380 with 8 work packages spread between Splatford Split and Penn Inn both north and southbound. The work centres around areas of pavement reconstruction but the opportunity is also being taken to address other work required in those areas such as drainage and overgrown vegetation as well as replacing sections of barrier and work to structures.

The areas concerned are:

  • Ware Barton to Penn Inn southbound.
  • Penn Inn to Ware Barton northbound.
  • Eagle Farm to Ware Barton southbound.
  • Ware Barton to Eagle Farm northbound.
  • Gappah Lane to Wapperwell northbound.
  • Telegraph Hill to Mamhead Cross southbound.
  • Telegraph Hill southbound.
  • Telegraph Hill northbound.

The first package of work took place between Gappah Lane and Wapperwell on the northbound section of the A380 at the beginning of December 2017. This work involved the deep reconstruction of a failing section of road, gully replacement and repairs and the removal of an existing sign and barrier followed by replacement with a passively safe sign.