A379 Slapton Line realignment

What are we doing?

We will be realigning the A379 Slapton Line following the storm damage at the beginning of March 2018.

The realignment will affect the section at the junction with Sands Road and the section between the previously realigned section and Strete Gate, both of which have either been damaged or made more vulnerable by the recent storms. This is illustrated below:

The south section of the realignment at the Sands Road junction will move the junction inland by up to 10m. At its maximum, the road will be 20m inland of its previous line and tie into the previous realignment.

The north section of the realignment suffered more extensive damage than originally anticipated and as such will require a new planning permission. The realignment is proposed to start at the previous aligned section and tie back into the existing road approximately 470m further on. At its maximum, the new road will be 17m inland of the existing road.

When are we closing the road?

The storm damage has made the road between the Sands Road junction and Strete Gate impassable and as such this section of the road is currently closed.

A night time closure of the junction will take place between 28th and 31st August to enable contractor Alun Griffiths to undertake the tie-in works at the junction. All other works around the junction will be done using 2 way lights to minimise disruption. The lights will be in place from 13th August for up to three weeks.

Why are we doing this work?

Storm Emma caused significant damage to the A379 and has made the road impassable as the picture shows.

The realignment is being undertaken so that the A379 can be re-opened. The new line of the road will move the route further inland, away from the damaged and vulnerable areas to provide as much of a buffer between the beach and the road as can be achieved given the constraints of the location.

What will happen to construction traffic?

Construction traffic will follow the A379 via Kingsbridge. Part of the design process is considering ways that construction traffic can be kept to a minimum.

What will happen to the South West Coast Path?

The line of the new road coincides, in part, with the current South West Coast Path route.  Ultimately the route of the path will be moved further in land to run between the road and the ley.  However during the construction period it will be diverted onto the beach.  Unfortunately we are very constrained with the area available to use at this site.  In trying to avoid taking any car parking area for the works and keeping clear of environmentally sensitive areas we are limited to the space that is available for our Contractor, for their working area and site compounds.  As a result the redundant road will be used for the compound, site officers and site traffic.  With those restrictions and the need to ensure the safety of the public in the area we cannot allow the continued use of the redundant road whilst the works are going on.  We appreciate that the diverted route along the beach may not be ideal but we will progress the works as swiftly as possible with the aim of minimising the temporary inconvenience.

What work is going on now?

The contractor, Alun Griffiths, is progressing well on site. The UXO radar search found 13 items, all of which have now been excavated and found to include bullet casings and supports for barbed wire.

The ecologist has carefully checked the site prior to the works and has removed a number of reptiles to a safe place.

Work is now underway to prepare the formation of the new road ready for construction.

Work has also started at the junction with Openreach on site to move a chamber and Alun Griffiths is scheduled to start kerb and drainage works. These works will be undertaken using two-way lights.

Work has started on removing the old road, this is being broken up and removed from site.

What is the timescale for the work?

We’re aiming to finish work by the end of autumn 2018. The actual completion date will be dependent on achieving planning permission for the northern section of the realignment and also on the conditions encountered on site.

Additional Information

For more information on the wider area and the work of the Slapton Line Partnership please visit their webpage.  Alun Griffiths has also set up a webpage for the scheme which includes information on how to contact them.