A3124 near Rosemoor Gardens

The A3124 work has now been completed and the road is now fully open.

Over the past 8 weeks the construction of a new retaining wall on the A3124 between Beaford and Great Torrington has been carried out.  A retaining wall measuring 25m in length has been constructed to support the highway, reinforce the bank and also act as a barrier to prevent vehicles exiting the road.

The road will be fully reopened on Friday 16 November, 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  Due to the great work on site by the contractor the duration of the works has been cut down by two weeks resulting in this early opening.Devon County Council would like to thank the public for their patience over the 8 week duration whilst the works have been carried out.

What are we doing?

A section of the road (30 metres) is showing serious signs of cracking which has deteriorated/worsened over time.

To repair the carriageway and provide long-lasting support a concrete retaining wall will be constructed. Resurfacing of the highway will also be carried out.

Traffic management

The traffic management will be in the form of a full road closure which will be in place 24/7. This road closure will be in action for much of the scheme to safeguard both the contractor and members of the public. However, if possible, we may consider the use of two-way traffic lights to allow the road to be reopened earlier than anticipated.

LGV and HGV diversion routes

For this closure we have provided both a light vehicle and HGV (heavy goods vehicle) diversion route. Both diversion routes can be found here.

Can I claim compensation?

There is no legal obligation or express statutory authority that enables Devon County Council to compensate for increased costs or any financial loss suffered as a result of the traffic management in place.

While every effort is made to inconvenience the public as little as possible, there are times when however regrettable interruptions cannot be avoided.

If you would like any further information please contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 155 1004.