Large deep hole - over 40mm deep and greater than 300mm wide
Flooding & blocked drains
Standing water, blocked drain, flooded property, impassable road
Street light
Not lit, on all day, flickering, shade tilted, wires exposed or leaning
Hazardous or fallen trees
Trees that have fallen into the road or are leaning, unstable, diseased or dying.
Overgrown vegetation
Pedestrians forced into road, cars over central line, reduced visibility
Trip hazard
Hole or significant difference in level on pavement or cycleway
Broken manhole cover
Broken, missing or rocking manhole cover
Public rights of way
For example blocked access or broken stiles
Debris or obstruction
Thick mud, soil, stones, embankment slips, large branches, fallen trees
Ice or snow on road
Defective road markings or signs
White and yellow, stop or give way lines or warning signs
Structural damage or significant obstructions restricting water flow
Retaining walls
Structural damage to roadside supporting walls
Traffic lights
Damage or fault to traffic lights or signals
Fences & barriers
Damaged or missing roadside fences or barriers
Lit signs & bollards
Faulty bollard, lit sign, beacon or school crossing patrol light