Parking tickets

Don’t ignore your ticket!

  • If you accept the parking ticket then you should pay it as soon as possible. If you pay within 14 days of receiving the ticket you will only pay 50% of the fine.
  • If you think the ticket has been issued incorrectly and want to challenge it do not make a payment. Once you have paid the ticket you have accepted liability and closed the case, so you can’t then challenge it.
  • If you challenge within 14 days and your challenge is unsuccessful you will still have the opportunity to pay only 50% of the fine.

We are unable to discuss individual parking tickets over the phone. If you want to challenge your ticket you must follow the appeal process.

Pay a parking ticket online >

See and challenge a ticket >

You can find out more about challenging a ticket here.

Parking ticket fines (known as Penalty Charge Notices) are set at £70 or £50 (depending on the contravention), but this is discounted by 50% to £35 or £25 if you pay within 14 days of receiving the ticket.

If the ticket is left unpaid we can pursue the debt through the County Court.

If you are unable to pay online you can:

  • pay your ticket by phone on 0345 155 1075
  • write to Parking Services, Devon County Council, County Hall, PO Box 811, Exeter EX1 9WA, using the payment slip at the bottom of your Penalty Charge Notice
  • pay in person at Devon County Council offices at County Hall, Exeter (Mon to Fri, 9am to 4pm).


We publish our parking ticket statistics showing how many tickets have been issued in each town. As some tickets are still going through the appeals process, these figures are always published in arrears.

Privacy notice

Devon County Council (DCC) will act as a ‘data controller’ for any personal data that you provide to us. As such, we will ensure that the data given us is processed in line with our organisation’s data protection policies and in line with your rights under the Data Protection Act 2017 and the EU General Data Protection Regulations. To find out more about how DCC will use your personal data, you can read our Parking services privacy notice.