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Disabled parking bay

Under certain circumstances we can provide one of two types of disabled parking bay for blue badge holders.

  1. A formal space – normally found in town centres, these can also be placed in residential parking zones. The word DISABLED is written alongside the bay, and a restriction plate showing the blue disabled symbol is mounted next to the bay. They are covered by a Traffic Regulation Order, which can be enforced by a traffic warden.
  2. An advisory space – normally provided where parking is at a premium in a residential area not controlled by waiting restrictions. Advisory bays are marked with the word DISABLED, but they don’t have a restriction plate showing the blue disabled symbol accompanying them. They can’t be enforced and no action can be taken against anyone else who parks there.

A bay can’t be provided solely for an individual and is available for any Blue Badge Holder.

Applying for a parking bay

  • You must be a blue badge holder.
  • You must be the driver, or regular passenger, of the vehicle the space is needed for.
  • The vehicle must be based at your property and the driver must also be resident.
  • There must be no off-street parking available at or near your property.

We will normally only approve a bay where there is a known parking issue.

If you are eligible the local Highway Neighbourhood Team will give approval for a bay to be marked where appropriate.

Please note that due to a change of contractor in April 2017, it is anticipated that there will be a delay in implementing any new disabled bay applications of approximately 6 weeks until new contractual arrangements are in place. This means that the whole process may take up to 18 weeks

After surveying the site, it may be found that a bay can’t be marked due to existing parking restrictions, road safety or traffic management issues. We can also only mark bays when we have the staff and resources available.

To apply for a bay phone 0345 155 1004 and we will check your eligibility.