Maintaining roads

Maintaining roads

We have £67.71 million funding for highway maintenance in 2016/17. We will spend over £40 million on planned repairs to highways; the rest is spent on repairing safety defects, salting roads in winter, street lighting, repairing drains, cutting grass and other operations. Our priority is to keep busier roads in a serviceable condition with the limited resources we have available.

We commission repairs to make roads passable with due care and provide reasonable access, but we don’t currently have the funds for more extensive works to our highway network.

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Fixing potholes

We will only carry out a repair on a pothole which is over 40mm deep and greater than 300mm in any horizontal direction.

If the pothole meets these criteria it is classed as a safety defect and we will do a temporary or permanent repair. The type of repair depends on the category of the road.

If you report a pothole and we don’t repair it straight away this could be because:

  • the pothole was inspected and is not deemed to be a safety defect
  • there is a problem with the surface of the road which needs to be investigated as a repair will not solve the underlying problem
  • traffic management is needed to carry out repairs safely.

Progress on Works Programme

You can check for planned highway maintenance work by electoral division or by parish.

These planned works may be delayed if gangs are needed to respond to damage from major events on the highway, such as snow or severe flooding.

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